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Female Shariah Judges: Women Oppressing Women, that's Feminism!

The other day I came across this atrocious, laughable satire-like Al Jazeera piece which framed a female shariah judge handing out punishments to women for adultery and shit as “feminist”. 

Yes, you read that right. 


'Female', 'empowered' and 'Islamic law' are words that simply do not go together, unless you’re hardcore into mental gymnastics, sort of like the alt-right #TradLife women who think REAL women’s empowerment is to free them from the shackles of feminism where they have to work, so they can stay home and raise babies and do laundry (which is real freedom). 

[Not that there's anything wrong with that if you choose it, but there is something wrong with shitting on women who work outside the home]

I make these comparisons to the alt right so my fellow lefties who often (out of good intent to protect marginalized minorities) slip into romanticizing conservative Islam, can recognize this form of dishonest rightwingery too. Conservative Islam is just the stauncher, stricter sibling of Western conservatism. It deserves no protection and is a roadblock to progress, just like the far-right is in the West. Shielding the Islamic right from criticism and standing up against anti-muslim bigotry are two different things entirely...and the quicker the left can understand how to separate the two, the better equipped we will be to combat the Western far-right who exploit the left's confusion and weakness on this. 

To see how it feels watching Shariah sanitized or Islamic Conservatism glamourized if you are from a Muslim background, check out these videos below. They are vile, disgusting and backwards. So too is Islamic religious law that places women beneath men, that orders them to dress modestly lest they 'invoke lust'. 

It's the same kind of nonsense as these clips...keep that in mind when reading the next 'burqa is empowering' 'mohammed was a feminist' article. Those are our #TradLife women.

(clips via @vinikako)

Anyway, enough of this great friend and ally of Rubin...back to the Al Jazeera piece. 

The article states,

"One day she could be sentencing an offender to be CANED for breaking Islamic law, the next could see her giving a man permission to take a second wife. Islamic law enforcers are not often credited with being feminist pioneers, but Judge Nenney fits both those descriptions.” (emphasis mine)

Are you fucking kidding me? How is this a real quote…one day you’re granting permission to cane women for not being modest enough, and another you’re granting a guy permission to add women to his marriage-harem, luxuries that are not afforded to women….and somehow you are a fucking *feminist pioneer*? 

So...because you’re a woman who got a job as a help further oppress women under a disgustingly patriarchal religious system of governance…putting all that nasty stuff aside and focusing on the fact that you know…you got this 'high powered job' in a 'male dominated industry', obviously means you’re a feminist shattering stereotypes - this is very much from the Rubin playbook. 

“Putting aside the content of his tweet” - surely you have seen Rubin's commentary where he asks to disregard the content of the atrocious thing in question, as he goes on to defend or downplay it in some way. 

Shariah-fauxminism is just a deeper shade of what PJW of Infowars peddles when he thinks ‘blocking' Marine le Pen is un-feminist. Let that sink in.
As if women HAVE to be on board with Marine le Pen's vile politics simply because she's a woman. Isn't PJW a critic of 'sjw' identity politics? I guess its ok to use the stupidest and simplest form of ID politics if it suits your far right agenda. 

Yet another critic of 'Identity politics' is seen engaging in it here:

(Clip via @vinikako)

Rubin claims liberals are *racist* for not liking Ben Carson (riiiight because the only reason they don’t like him must be his race - never mind the guy Rubin is actually speaking with here is a guy who blames slavery on blacks and says the Jews chose the holocaust. This is a guy who goes on David Duke's show to say vile things about Jews. And the 'real racism' that Rubin spots in all of this is liberals not accepting Ben Carson....because of his race. 

It's the same shallow twisted logic…from far-right apologists everywhere. They don’t really care about gender or racial equality but like to pretend they do. They appropriate the language of feminism and racial equality to use it for their own means. I've seen this before with Islamists, and I see this now with Rubin and other panderers to the alt right/lite.

I have a long, lonely road ahead of me convincing fellow atheists that lean right, that PJW, Rubin, are advocating for the same bullshit that so many call out in right-wing muslims…and I have to simultaneously convince my fellow lefties that yes even though muslims are an increasingly persecuted minority, and we should stand against anti-muslim bigots every step of the way…that letting this kind of bs slide just fuels the fires of hate. 

It's crazy the Al Jazeera piece describes this shariah judge as a feminist pioneer right? Surely all my fellow skeptics can see that! Well, guess how Rubin describes this guy Sotomayor, this friend of David Duke.....“A black man challenging stereotypes". *facepalm* doesn't quite cover it, eh? 

Rubin himself would be happy to point out the stupidity of the Al Jazeera article, as would many of his fans...but point out the same ridiculousness on their side and you will promptly be shunned as a 'regressive' intolerant of 'diverse viewpoints'.  


Drawing these parallels is important because it helps show the bad reasoning, similarities and flaws on both sides of the coin here. In both cases its people pandering to the far-right, and masquerading as ‘liberal’ …hijacking the language of liberals to push a far-right agenda. Be it Islamic or Western, it's the same BS in varying degrees.

It’s important also to point out both, so the story isn’t hijack-able by either side's conservatives. And with the rise of the far-right in the West, it’s important to show that these things are mirror images and given power, can be dangerous even here, in the West. 


Now, back to the article in question: 

"She made history in Malaysia last year when she was appointed one of the first two female Syariah (shariah) High Court judges in this Muslim-majority nation.”

Woweee, she made HISTORY, she’s just a woman challenging stereotypes…right Rubin? 

"And the 42-year-old mother of three doesn't shy away from imposing the harshest punishments prescribed by Islamic law.”

Look at this badass mommy of the year here….she isn’t shy or meek like people expect Muslim women to be….in fact she imposes some of the HARSHEST shariah punishments, hows that for bold and assertive? Hmph and they say Muslim women are subservient and oppressed. Here she is, oppressing the fuck out of others….and you’re gonna tell me she isn’t empowered. Puh-leez. 

"When I'm on the bench, I'm not a woman, I'm not a man. I'm a judge," she says. "I need to deal with the case fair and firm, to follow the law, no bias.”

You hear that? She’s fair and UNbiased…if you don’t count the 7th century anti-woman bias inherent to shariah. 

And here’s something for you naysayers who don’t believe Malaysia is a hub of progress in the Islamic world;

"In Malaysia, more women are pursuing careers in the Islamic justice system, from judges and lawyers to court mediators.”


I mean for fuck's sake…is this not something directly out of the handmaid’s tale? ...Where women are taking charge in roles that insure the subservience of women, and are being hailed as some weird-ass, backwards feminist icons for it? Fml. 

What is even the point of highlighting this:

"Malaysia appointed its first two female Syariah (shariah) judges in 2010. Now, 27 of the country's 160 Islamic court judges are women.”

It reminds me of when the ethnostate advocates of the alt right embraced Tila Tequila (of Vietnamese origin) as a great person bringing 'diversity' and furthering their cause (their anti-diversity cause, that is.)


Shariah judges are there to help beat women into submission, quite literally… having more women participate in this isn’t a fucking feminist achievement to be proud of. 

"Other countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan and Sudan also have female Islamic law judges, however, some religious scholars argue that Islamic law does not allow women to hold the position.”

You see? See how progressive Malaysia is? 

"We feel that it's extremely important for the courts to have a balance in terms of gender because a lot of the issues involve women. So we need some level of balance in the way in which they deliver justice and also gender sensitisation of the justice system.”

Oh fuck me. 

The level of pretzelbrain it takes to think that a gender balance in people 'fucking women over' is a good thing is beyond me. You know, the morality police industry is far too male-dominated, we really need some gender balance among those who whip women for immodesty.   -___-

"Judge Nenney also hears "khalwat" cases, an Islamic offence where unmarried men and women are found together in "close proximity".

She says in the most serious cases, she sentences offenders to six strokes of the cane, a 5,000 ringgit fine ($1,166) and a one-month jail term.

Some critics have suggested that female judges may favour women, but Judge Nenney denies being more sympathetic towards women."

How very ‘feminist’ indeed. Nothing says feminist like corporal punishment for close proximity to the opposite sex. It would be funny as an Onion piece, but in reality it’s just sad.  

Oh look at this women’s advocate here, how very noble, 

"Judge Nenney is hopeful that the rising number of female judges will help change the perception that Syariah courts do no treat women fairly.”

"She says her female clients often find it less difficult to appear before a female judge and court officials.”

Hmm yeah I know when I’m being sentenced to a caning I’d rather receive the sentence from a woman than a man. #YayFeminism

"She is studying both Islamic and civil law at the International Islamic University of Malaysia, but has already decided to pursue a career in Islamic law because she says civil law is "man-made law”.

When you truly believe in 'the cause', you might even help lay down some core laws...then wonder why the men get all the power and credit. 

You yourself ultimately end up being mistreated, because woman.... Well you were a part of making that happen...

"To me, it was quite difficult to reach this position. I needed to compete with the male officers," she says. "But it's not about gender now, it's about your qualification."

Ah...true egalitarianism...Nice. Do check out this warm, feel good success story about a struggling woman who finally achieved respect and equality.


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