Monday, July 23, 2012

Nice Mangos Art Giveaway!

Here are some pics from last time!, I don't think the previous winners were disappointed :) And I'm always thrilled when my art goes to a loving home! 


As promised - I'm doing another art giveaway! Yup, you heard right - I said 'give' away - I send you a print....a piece of original, signed Nice Mangos art, and all you have to do is answer some Nice Mangos Trivia.

And that's just to ensure that the artwork goes to the home of a regular reader, or at least someone who's taken the time to look for the answers :P

So here are 10 questions - the first person to answer 5 of them correctly (pick any 5 you like) and send me  the answers will get the print! (You can tweet, facebook or email me the answers)

1) Is the writer of this blog a male or female?

2) What is this blog about?

3) I recently started a petition, what about?

4) Here's the title of a popular post, fill in the blank:
     Brown Girls Shouldn't have _____ Vaginas

5) What was the post  in Q4) about?

6) True or False: This was the Tag I used on Twitter for the petition : #SignThisPlease

7) Name one of the guest bloggers I've had on here (I've not had many)

8) Only once, I blogged about a celebrity (Bollywood), who was it?

9) I have drawn a couple of 'mock -ads' for fictional products / services - can you name one?

10) I have a hilarious/disturbing and recurring commenter. I've done an interview with him AND a post about all the pervy comments he leaves on the blog. I will be truly impressed if you can recall his 'name' (he goes by initials)

Please remember to write the question number along with the answer, and remember you only have to do 5!

So if you win you can pick one from these:

(The Original)

 (Birds & The Bees)


('Virgin' Bride - this one is a special eidition print, because later I added a nipple ring. This is the version before the ring, which I wont ever print again.)


Thank You all so much for your interest, but the contest is now closed. It was such a close call.. the first 3 were literally seconds behind each other. Congrats to @Snootyshark for winning!