Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hijab Glorification : Thoughts on the Shepard Fairey Poster

Artwork by Shepard Fairey

As a woman who grew up under Sharia in Saudi Arabia, I cannot help but resist the glorification of the tools of my oppression.

As much as I loathe Trump, and the chaos he's creating, as much as I stand in solidarity with Muslims at this much as I am personally affected by discrimination against Muslims myself...I cannot sit back and watch conservative Islam be championed in this complex and toxic political climate. 

I ask my fellow critics of religion to be particularly cautious at this time not to feed into far right narratives of hate.... similarly, I ask my fellow left leaning liberals not to fall into romanticizing conservative Islam. It's like walking a tightrope, I understand - but the more we avoid falling into traps on either side...the better equipped we will be to combat this. 

Here is a brief message on the subject: 

Here is the article mentioned in the podcast.

And below are my pieces in Response to the Shepard Fairey one. Let me know your thoughts!


Early Sketches


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