Sunday, October 13, 2013

Malala, please stop ruining Pakistan's reputation. We can do that ourselves!

What can I possibly say that hasn't been said already?

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I know....everyone's writing about Malala these days........and I might have to repeat some things u may have already read.... In my usual, less eloquent manner of course...

Because I am shocked. Pakistan and Pakistanis never fail to surprise me. Yes, yes, I know.... who am I to have an opinion? Only a half-assed Pakistani that isn't Pakistani enough...because I live elsewhere and was raised elsewhere. Couldn't give a fuck Apologies, if my having an opinion on the motherland makes you uncomfortable.

The Pakistani mentality thats behind much of the turmoil in our country, couldn't have come forth in a more glaring manner. Malala brought it out in us. Thats, right.....A little girl of 15, shot in the head for wanting an education - brings out the callousness, spitefulness, hatred, jealousy, and maniacal conspiracy theorist in more Pakistanis than I'd care to acknowledge.
I can't seem to access this page on fb anymore, but last time i could it had received over 800 likes. I have no words. 

I can't read what that says, but its horrific someone would take the time to make this. Hasn't she been through enough already? This is the height of insensitivity.

Disgusting really. Just another event indicative of how we'd rather live in denial than acknowledge the reality --that things are fucking SHIT in our country--. We cling to our false beliefs, can't possibly let that frail security blanket of comforting untruths unravel around us. Whatever would we do then? We'd have to readjust our understanding of the world *gasp*

Its so much easier to snuggle up with the misogyny and self-hate than to face it.

Now, I usually write about sexuality. And people of Malala's age shouldn't even be reading the filth I put up here. But today, I write about one specific part of the sex puzzle. Gender. Specifically, gender based hate, gender based discriminiation and gender based violence. Something we are pretty familiar with in Pakistan. Most days we don't even bat an eyelid. The day Malala got shot (because she was a female who dared to want an education), she happened to get noticed. It was a heart-wrenching tale....everybody noticed.

Some of us created alternate realities in our minds... to avoid having to acknowledge exactly how fucked up Pakistan has become. She was a CIA agent, and the shooting was a ploy. Just enough violence to get hurt, but not she could get the right amount of attention to drag Pakistan's name in the mud.  Genius. Imagine how much they must have paid her to take a shot to the head? What a sell out.

There are the less extreme haters, that acknowledge she's a sweet girl, but are angered by the fact that she has become such a media whore. Obviously manipulated, scripted by the west, to portray a biased view of the 'land of the pure'. The media are vultures everywhere. And she is SIXTEEN. Cut her some slack. She was SHOT in the fucking face. She's trying to deal with it as best as she can. All she wants is for girls to have a right to education. Is that too much to ask?

Then there are those who say, if she really cared.... she wouldn't have left the country. What good is she to Pakistan while sitting in the West. Ummm... i might repeat myself here;

She was SHOT in the fucking face. I don't blame her for wanting to get away for a while. Self-preservation and all...perhaps if someone put a gun to your head you might feel acquainted with that concept.

And there are those who say, she's only fighting for education. We still have other problems in our country, and education won't make them go away. Yes, everyone can't fight everything simultaneously. But, can you be happy that for once we got put on the map for something/someone good? Or do we prefer being in the news for bomb blasts, sectarian violence, etc?

Of course there are other people worthy of the fame and Nobel nomination. Why does it have to be that if someone says something nice about someone - you take it as negating everything nice said about other people? Not everyone becomes famous. Thats just the way it is. Can't you be happy for those who have struck a chord with the world?

The very intolerant, bitter, spiteful nature of Pakistanis has been on display through social media. Its embarrassing how little empathy we have. We cannot be happy for a little girl who has captured hearts around the globe. Shame on us.

Move over Malala, and stop embarassing Pakistan - We can do that ourselves, thank you. :)

Its not about anyone's agenda. Everyone always has an agenda. Don't let that take away from the fact that what she is fighting for is huge. She 16, and she's doing way better than you or I could under the microscope.

She's a girl....from a country that displays misogyny on a daily basis. Her incident has just reminded the world...and we are not happy because we'd like them to forget.