Monday, October 31, 2011

Don't fuck the Dead....

It might be Halloween, but this shit is creepy to a whole other level. I honestly never thought I'd come across a story about a necrophiliac in Karachi...

Apparently a 28 year old caretaker at a Paposh Nagar graveyard has been charged with Necrophilia...and with possession of Hashish too....theres a joke in there somewhere, but I'll spare'd be in bad taste anyhow :P

I mean, desi guys don't fuck dead people....sure they may eat dead people, as we all heard about that jaw-dropping cannibal story recently. They may fuck donkeys, siblings, children.... but dead people? I wouldn't 'a thought in a million years. I always assumed necrophilia was a western phenomenon, where people fucked themselves to boredom, or had taken experimentation to a sick new level. As great as sex is, it can definitely be a doorway to some seriously dark stuff - if you're twistedly inclined that is. And by dark stuff, i don't mean whips and chains... i mean crap like this - violating dead bodies...


How does one get into that anyhow? I mean...something has to have broken inside you, somewhere along the way...

In university, I wore a lot of black, like A LOT. and I hung out with a bunch of people that wore black too. When we walked around it was like a giant black cloud of lace and boots, and fishnet, eye shadow...and neon hair. Of course, we often frightened the mainstreamers....and it was fun. Sometimes we'd sit at the campus pub being stared at by a group of jocks, and we'd toast to something ridiculous like 'necrophilia' - and then we'd just sit back... watch them whisper, and freak the fuck out. Seriously...people actually believed we were into necrophilia. We only toasted to it because that's how ludicrous and far removed from our lives it was. But I'm assuming all the dark clothing, make up, piercings, skull paraphernalia made 'em assume that we were some really messed up individuals.

The reason I bring this story up is to illustrate the point that you can't really judge someone by the way they look. Obviously necrophilia is as disturbing to me as it is to the average person, doesn't matter how many skulls I used to wear in college. And in the same way, if you put any Pakistani male in front of me... I'd never ever....ever....imagine that he liked to screw corpses. It's mind-boggling really.

I wouldn't even have heard of this story if i wasn't at my parents house this past dad always rebelliously turns the Geo on, no matter how many people in the room are begging him not to. But this time it was actually interesting(and I'm not saying that news about Pakistan is usually of no interest to me, but its sadly always the same. Between that and the difficult Urdu they use in the news, I quickly lose interest)... my mom gasped and said "What is our country coming to...there is a man raping dead women in Karachi!!"

I nodded blankly, as I normally do, and then did a double take "WHaa-AAt!? Sex with dead bodies in our holy motherland?"

My dad quickly changed the channel and pretended it didn't happen, in true Pakistani la la la....

This is no joking matter, of course.... but pretending it never happened won't go away. I wonder how many cases like this have remained unreported in our country, just because its too disturbing an issue to dive into.

Open up and speak people, share your to your friends and family. See what they have to say about this story. Pakistani sexuality obviously has layers and aspects that have previously been unheard of. We at least need to be aware of such things. Don't be my dad, and don't just change the channel. (He's an awesome guy...just can't deal with disturbing things...its the way he was don't be raisin' ur baby pakis like that :) )

Monday, October 24, 2011

Zarina Aunty ke sath Aik he Bed per Sleeping...

Now in the past I've said that interview-wise, the men have been less than exciting, and its always women who have a lot to say... but I take that back. My next interviewee is none other than NJ from my last post. And boy he's got plenty to say...not only are his stories...umm interesting, to say the least, but his choice of words is rather unique as well. He is certainly not shy about sharing details.

Instead of writing a few points at the end, I'm going to tackle this question by question...i just have too much to say.

(Also please note, that this is not NJ's entire interview, only the topics I've covered so far have been included...the rest will follow soon)

NJ, 42, Male

At what age (approximately) and how did you come to know about sexual intercourse?

well I think nature played its role. Very young age while playing with my m(ale) friend & neighbor we tried to experiment smelling & sucking licking each others penis & butts.

Well, thanks for that very clear visual NJ, I do appreciate your honesty, but you forgot to mention around what age this experience occurred. Also, I'm sure you're not the only one who discovered sex like this, a lot of kids especially in countries like ours where there is little emphasis on sex education, often come across it through experimentation. It's the only resource kids have in such situations, and often it's same sex experimentation at that, not because of orientation, but because that's whats accessible. Believe me this is not the first story I've heard of its kind. I've heard of at least one or two coming from several different family friends...

Is Pakistan sexually repressed as a nation?

Yes sure it is. Since we don’t have sex education system so we learn very early age by experimenting. In my case; I belong to northern somehow conservative village background.

And that's often the case, the more conservative your upbringing, the more 'hands on' people will get to experiment with sexuality. It's just too strong a drive to be repressed by the rules conservative society imposes. There's really no point in hushing talk about it or looking down upon it, since it finds a way to express itself. The tighter the reins, the crazier the outcome. And I'm sure no parents want their kids experimenting with sexual acts at a young we might as well acknowledge its existence and educate our kids properly from the start (and by 'start' i don't mean newborns, so don't get your panties in a bunch, i mean at an appropriate young age).

Have you ever had/Do you enjoy having sex?

Yeah I think I had many adventures in my youth both male & female.

Even though this is an anonymous space NJ, Its impressive that you're comfortable enough with your own sexuality to acknowledge that you enjoy experiences with both sexes. Many people from conservative backgrounds would often even deny it to themselves, let alone put it in writing. So...good on you!

On premarital sex:

Well real sex I had was with a prostitute.

Not sure I understand what you mean here, I thought u had lots of experiences? Or are you only counting penetrative sex as 'real sex' ? A prostitute eh ? (I prefer the term sex worker) well, another one of my interviewees said he lost his virginity that way...I'm guessing its a pretty common way for young Pakistani men (who don't have access to willing partners)to experience sex before marriage. That can't be a good thing. Horny teenagers that are uneducated about sex + sex workers.... not only is the risk of disease or impregnation high, but the way our society is set up, the opportunity for exploiting women is immense in these situations.

On Arranged Marriage:

Yes I am. In my opinion arranged marriages within relatives don’t have that sex appeal. You know I am more into smells and hormones things. And since most paki girls don’t know about sex, so its just put off the lights, undress yourself then open her shilwar nala while shes agitating... then put some lotion or spit on your penis head and thrust holding her legs on your shoulders.

Not much foreplay or sucking licking. Its just husband wife sex you know to get her prego not for enjoyment or orgasms. In my case I did lick her pussy & ass many times but 1st asked her to wash ofcourse. But she hate sucking saying that "is men se ganda pani nikalta hai" just holding my cock and looking at it and kissing on the shaft only. I encouraged her by showing x movies but once she did take its head in mouth but quickly spat out saying "nahi ganda hai". i tried to teach her 69 position she on top now which she likes but still not sucking my penis or balls just holding it with hand and I think smelling & cheek kissing only while I exploring her cunt clits and asshole. Yeah and I think she likes ass licking and fingering which I can feel from her gasps.

Btw I was told by many f that I am very good in bed wild versatile sex player plus attractive gud looking guy. The only negative part is I envy guys with huge penis like in porno and mine cock is bit bent on right side maybe coz of too much musterbating since I was in 7th or 8 grade.

Wow. Your descriptive writing skills and use of sensory detail is quite unlike anything I've come across before. I had to dig through the er 'fluff' but you did bring up some things that are definitely worth mentioning; The way I see it, you're saying that arranged marriage involves too much of an arrangement for the sex to be passionate. It's more of a chore, something you must do to procreate (have children). From what you say, I gather that you feel like there is a lot lacking in bed, because of the 'arranged' element of your marriage. Well, that is certainly one way of looking at it. A very valid point too. I'm sure there are many people in the same situation as you, where they have been married off to some relative and sex just becomes a task, like any other. I myself struggle to understand how you can find passion and desire for someone you didn't choose to sleep with, but I do know it happens.

What I find interesting though, is despite your arranged marriage, and your lack of excitement about the sex you have with your spouse, you still try to experiment and introduce her to new things, positions, etc. That's not something I'd expect from someone coming from a conservative background. You learn something new everyday eh? And you also seem to care about pleasing her, which is excellent. I know a lot of guys find the idea of performing oral sex disgusting, but are completely fine with being on the receiving end. Seems like you don't have double standards such as those...As for her not liking certain activities, my advice to you would be...never force her to do something she's not comfortable with, and secondly, be gentle, romantic... show her you love her and maybe that will make her want to do something special for you. Good luck with that NJ.

The last thing i wanted to point out is, as far as I know, no you cannot get a bent penis from masturbation. However sometimes if you're rough during intercourse or while masturbating, you can create small cuts on your penis, and when those heal, the scar tissue can be a bit tight, causing the penis to pull in one direction, giving it the appearance of being slightly bent.

Have you had more than one sexual partner in life?

Yes countless. Both male & female.

Do you think sex is something that should be explored and experimented with or should one always stick with what they know?

Well I think nature plays its role always. When I go back to my childhood I once saw a village girl my age bend on her 4 in corn field and her dogy trying to fuck her riding on her back. Later when grown up and I watch animal sex movie where a dogy fucking a female and licking her pussy I understood what that was in childhood corn field.

You have seen and experienced quite a lot of disturbing things, haven't you? No child should have to see that, ever.

On Sex & Equality:

Yes a female should also open up and talk abt enjoying orgasms. She should not be over shy. Just like us male talk fuck whatever in our mind she should also enjoy her sexual fantasies.

That's pretty open minded. I'm glad you think that men and women alike should be free to express their sexuality without being judged.

What do you think nature and the physical differences between men and women have to do with gender roles in society?

Well I am not that high educated I cant get this question but one thing I agree when a husband can screw around and enjoy his fantasies and all women desi or badesi know it then why don’t they fuck around also and enjoy different smells and sized and fantasies. You know if you eat same food everyday it makes you boring

So what you're saying is that the double standards surrounding men and women's sexual desires are bullshit? Why yes, I completely agree.

Have you ever experienced a multiple orgasm?

In younger age yes 5 to 6 in a single night. But some female had multiple orgasms I know while l lick their pussy & clit and same time finger her ass.

Its great that you're so into 'technique' as opposed to just thrusting in and out.

Have you ever found or had your g-spot found?

No never. Do you think men also have G spot. For female yes I know I have tried to please many when I hold my erect cock in hand then rub its hard mushroom head just above opening of vagina under clitories. Some time with tongue & finger upper inside of pussy. But one thing makes me rock hard she sucking my balls one by one in her/his mouth and holding erect cock in hand or mutual licking of ass.

Well, the prostate is basically what's known as the male g-spot.

Do you know anyone who has sex but has not yet experienced an orgasm? What are your thoughts on that?

Yes many prostituetes don’t have orgasm maybe fake yes. And also uneducated desi wifes don’t enjoy orgasms its just lying down legs on shoulder and finishing off within few minutes. But many non desi female & boys do love sex and know how to enjoy and have orgasms.

I'm sure it would be draining as well as a waste of time and effort for a sex worker to attempt to have an orgasm every time. it just wouldn't make business sense. Its a shame though, that that's your impression of uneducated desi wives in general. And I'm not saying that you're wrong (you're probably right, unfortunately - for multiple reasons). But why is it that you think this group of women doesn't have orgasms often?

Do you think about sex everyday? How often?

Oh yeah all the times since I was 11/12. even now while I am typing this in my office I have a stripper Filipina girl musterbating on her webcam I can even see some white creamy gel dripping out her pussy. And also d****** & s***** both windows open. It makes me very hot horny to watch Pakistani hidden cam clips where she is not aware of hidden cam and fucks with her neighbor boy or a uncle.

Incest turns you on? why the uncle? I'm not judging, but honestly...why?

* * * *

NJ seems to have a thing for aunties and uncles I guess, I'm reminded of his comment from a previous post:

"Lady your blogs great reading stuff for curious men like me..
Aaaaah Bachpan.... relative ki shadi per raat ko Zarina aunty ke sath aik he bed per sleeping aur slowly pulling her shilwar down from behind and inserting willy in her butt crack (heavy heartbeats) and cuming quickly then pulling up her shilwar to its place.
Funny thing in the morning having b/fast together Ammi Razia aunty me and others... Razia aunty teasing me pinching my cheek and saying oooh T.... sahb bhi is shadi mein aye hain... Wah"

Now as disturbing as that sounds, having sexual relations with an aunt or cousin or some other female relative seems to be a common fantasy in our country (and of course, doing your cousin isn't considered incest either, but pardon me if i still find it icky)...not too long ago I got an email from a local Pakistani artist who writes and illustrates 'adult comics' of course, they can't be published or distributed in our country, so they're not available at your local news stand unfortunately. But hey here's a peek. I saw this and thought of NJ.

I normally don't post drawings this graphic for the fear of giving some sleazeball a hard on, and a reason to jerk off to the blog. But hey, as I've been informed by a couple of readers... they're jerking off to the blog already. Not much I can do...just a pity that they're missing the point..anyhoo, this great artist is known as J, enjoy....:

it makes your skin crawl, doesn't it? But thats why its excellent.... its the pure rawness and crudeness of it that makes it so real. Its so very disgusting, that its right on point.

And hey, if anyone else has something relevant to the blog and super interesting to share, don't hesitate to email me, nicemangosDOTblogATgmail :)

* * * * *

So back to NJ's interview:

Do you think sex plays a major role in your life?

You know jeddah ksa well since you lived here. You can find much stuff here if you can afford and if you go around malls if no f(emale) you can find plenty of gay boys. Most men I know look around daily for a girl and they end up with a Filipino smooth boy just thinking his butts and body is smooth like a girl. lol

So you're an expat, living in Jeddah then? Yes, i do know that men make do with whoever they have available there.

On Masturbation:

Yes it a fact that all men do musterbate I don’t know about female but I am sure 100%did musterbate in lifetime. And its good to release your tensions. To not become crazy and raping some female like once we saw a pathan labourer taking a young girl coming home from school to a empty plot and raping her by force in day light.

What the fuck?! You saw someone being raped? and you didnt do anything about it? This is where I become judgemental. What the fuck.... seriously. How can anyone watch that happen. I am truly beyond words. This is precisely the kind of shit that needs to stop going unnoticed in our country. I'm appalled that this could be brought up casually in a conversation....with no mention of what you did to help this girl....

Would you morally, ethically or in any way, have a problem with marrying someone who had had sex with someone before you?

It depends if I liked her and found attraction. But I think its not fair a male can go fuck around and if a girl talks with a stranger male shes beaten to death. It is not fair.

At least you acknowledge how wrong that is.

On Pornography:

Yeah its good for breaking some taboos. And also learning new technics but it makes most men inferior seeing Holmes donkey like penis compare to their average sizes.

To what extent, in comparison with the rest of the world, do you think people practice bestiality (sex with animals) in this country?

I think I told you about that village girl in corn field.

N.B. if you wanna know about my encounters, adventures its too long needs a book to be written.

* * * *

Honestly, my head is still reeling from the story about the girl and the labourers. Where do I go from that.... nothing else to say for now. Such a shame.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A few Pervy Comments.....

So, last time I was writing about the donkey honour killing (didn't think i'd ever use those three words together), and didn't get round to posting what my male interviewees had to say about bestiality. I'll get to that in a sec.. but before I do - I'd like to thank all the commenters; all your stories and opinions added more food for thought. And a subject such as this... you just can't wrap your head around it really... (unless ur a sick fuck and relate to animal fuckers) discussion is important.

As a nation, we really don't talk enough about this aspect of our lives... theres all kinds of awful sexual deviance...bestiality, pedophilia, incest, etc.... and the way we normally deal with the stuff thats hard to swallow is (no pun intended) to sweep it under a giant rug, so to speak, hoping that it'll just freakin' go away. But you know, it never does... in fact it manifests itself in other ugly forms...and perhaps shows itself in an even more disturbing manner. (excuse me for recycling a previous illustration of mine):

That's why i keep saying, we need to address these issues... and talk about them ... air it out, its toxic to keep it in.... and thats why maybe, so many in our country are so poisonous...there's no denying Pakistan's terribly sad state these days... i often wonder if when i have kids, i'd even take them there...anyhow, i digress. Thats too sad a thought to consider at the moment.

Where was I... ah yes, I was thanking the commenters.... all except one. No thanks to the anonymous person who described even the position their friend screwed a donkey in. I'm pretty sure i know who this commenter is, and once again - he completely misses the point of the post... *le sigh*...

For a while now, I've had an odd sort of fellow leave random disturbing comments, sometimes as anonymous, and once in a while he initials his comments. 'N.J.'...I've gotten to know his 'writing style' and the kinds of comments he leaves are usually different from the others who are simply trying to have a discussion.

NJ seems to get off on writing sexual details. Rather than tell him to eff off, i've often tried to make him understand the reasons for my post....i've tried to get to know him a bit better rather than ignore him, simply cuz he's an intriguing that represents the 'average' pakistani male a tad more accurately than all you snooty ejumacated, westernized types of desi boys that usually read the blog.

In case ur curious, here are some of the comments he's left, or at least I assume its him:

when i posted that i was on vacation:

Anonymous said...
whoa...have a nice erotic vacation. is it in Carribean or dubai or maybe khi. BTW you enjoying alone or with yr hubby ? what is yr frequency of fucking on vacation ?

on my post about women and orgasms:

N.J. said...
Eiynah Please can you put a pic of your vibrator for our poor opressed orgasm starved desi girls to see it. ty

May 31, 2011 1:45 AM
Eiynah said...
Im sure more than the girls, you'd like to see it NJ, and thats really not what this blog is about... there are plenty of sites for you to go see women and vibrators, but Nice mangos is more about creating dialogue...

May 31, 2011 10:34 AM

N.J. said...
No i dont have a fetish for vibrator neither i need one i was just wondering if u can put pic on your blog for paki girls to see how it looks like & how to use it to have jerking orgasms. Is it available in pak ?

June 1, 2011 2:21 AM
Anonymous said...
and also coz vibrator don't have that natural smell & warm unique feeling... you know that vapour mix of pheromones with some sweat.

June 8, 2011 2:12 AM

on my post about porn for women:

Anonymous said...
Gud old days.... Orgies & s** parties in SC compound. Ever attended 1 ? Hows swinging swaping or group scene in Canada.

April 18, 2011 5:09 AM

Eiynah said...
.....why must everyone comment as anonymous on this blog... make up a fake name or something... it'll only make things more interesting. Its getting a bit dull responding to anons all the time. Just pick the name/url option... and make something up... please :)

Anonymous said...
Kion k Pakistan mein sub kuch chhup chhupa k hi hota hai isi liye Anonymous. FYI not all wives are broad minded liberal like you (wish i had 1 like you).
ok its anon N.J.

May 24, 2011 6:24 AM

on various posts about masturbation;

Anonymous said...
Your Hadith link regarding musterbation reminds me of Qari M***** ul Haq Saheb and our Islamyat teacher Q*** sahb.
He use to like all good looking young boys only. When a boy sit beside him for daily dars he use to put his one hand in shilwar and stroke making sounds like a pigeon taking off for a flight LoL. He also had a fetish of pinching & pressing our heals with his thumb and forefinger. Those days we can't understand all this.
The Islamyat teacher use to put some peanuts in his shirwani pocket and tell (good looking boys only) to take some peanuts from his pocket and there you can touch feel find something warm & stiff poking into his side pocket.

March 12, 2011 12:57 AM

Anonymous said...
BTW aap sub ka interview kerti ho lekin apna bhi tu batao kia aap ne shadi se pehlay/baad kabhi kisi handsome man ke sath sex nahi kia or kabhi kisi female dost ke sath kiss etc. nahi kia. ya kabhi musterbate nahi kia? if all this answers are negative phir aap jhoot bolti ho.

February 24, 2011 4:32 PM

Anonymous said...
Please can you ask your female interviewees. why pakistani girls hate:
french kissing, sucking penis, licking balls, anal,69 position.
they say its haram in islam aur yeh sub gandi chizen hain. islam mein sex missionary position mein aur razai ya blanket ke ander kerna chahiey. even some will not undress in lights on.

February 24, 2011 4:40 PM

Anonymous said...
Aaaah.... interesting.. reminds me of my teenage years jerking secretly closed eyes thinking of neighbor aunt butts !!!

February 14, 2011 12:01 AM
Anonymous said...
Lady your blogs great reading stuff for curious men like me..
Aaaaah Bachpan.... relative ki shadi per raat ko Zarina aunty ke sath aik he bed per sleeping aur slowly pulling her shilwar down from behind and inserting willy in her butt crack (heavy heartbeats) and cuming quickly then pulling up her shilwar to its place.
Funny thing in the morning having b/fast together Ammi Razia aunty me and others... Razia aunty teasing me pinching my cheek and saying oooh T.... sahb bhi is shadi mein aye hain... Wah

February 14, 2011 12:17 AM

So although I had to endure a few pervy comments here and there...I managed to get an interview with this NJ, of course he was more than willing... and even mentioned in the interview form that he was getting hard while filling it out :/

Now thats a mighty interesting read... we'll get to it after the other male interviewees thoughts on'll be worth the wait, trust me;

* * *
Fahad, male, 24

I definitely have a pretty strong opinion on this. Its completely wrong. More than the gross factor of doing it with an animal, the act is basically rape. Majority of the animals in this world have sex to reproduce and not necessary for pleasure. For us humans to have sex with them for pleasure is completely wrong and disgusting. I take myself as a progressive, liberal, and forward thinking person and there's not much that bothers me, but bestiality is something I cannot agree with.

Sultan, male, 19

I’ve heard stories but just one or two, not many. I do think it exists more in countries that are sexually repressed. We are sexually repressed as a nation - I think our culture and our orthodox religious beliefs contribute to this. Many people misconceive religion to be some kind of sick game that god is playing with them, and in my opinion its not like that – and because of this misconception there is a lot of sexual repression in our society

Khizer, Male, 26

*ugh* “I don’t know about this country, but I was in Florida for a while and I heard that sheep were very popular there. I have never heard stories over here, but judging by the rate of the population I’m sure people are doing it.”

Imad, Male, 25

I have no clue…I’ve never even heard stories about it.

Qasim, Male, 26

OH......ummm.....i would say.. out in the villages... i dont see it as being a once in a blue moon kind of a thing... i see it as being more occurant than that....its hard to say.....purely because is not something thats really talked about. I know in the western culture... theres a lot of porn out there with men and horses... or women and horses...i wouldnt generally say moreso than other countries.... it might just be the same as any other place... but i guess information available would say otheriwse.

Ali, Male, 29

its a lot more in pakistan compared to other contries....

* * *

So the men are a lot less wordy than the women about the surprises there....i'm starting to realise that it takes a lot to get most of their kind to speak.... but not NJ ... oh no.... he has a lot to say.... keep an eye out for his interview next time... ;)