Monday, October 6, 2014

This October, Have yourself a Happy Hallow-Eid!

Since this *special* year, Eid was in October, I felt it was my moral duty to make some spooky Eid observations.

I think it was a pagan conspiracy to have it fall within the heathen month.

Seriously though, can we lighten up a little? One of my biggest issues with our culture is that we are too uptight. Muslims as a whole are uptight as hell.

Back to October Eid, Hallow-Eid? Omfg I would love a hybrid celebration... an Eid where you dress up in costumes, have brain shaped mithai maybe? Black glittery crescents and stars, throw in a few bats and we're good.

We could make labels for RoohAfza bottles, "Infidel Blood" ? T'would be good!

Something I've always joked about with my family is "Zomb-Eid" I would love to make a comic, or at least a proper poster some day... a bunch of Zombies sitting at their Eid celebration dinner, eating braaaaaaains...... in Pakistan that isn't even far fetched, people do have animal brain all the time.

The zombies would be perfectly halal because since we aren't allowed to draw living things (that could lead to idolatry, obvs, I ALWAYS worship EVERYTHING I draw..) - we could draw undead things perhaps? And sometimes it is recommended in certain interpretations of the religion that lines be drawn across the neck, to show that only god can create true living things with their heads firmly attached.... with zombies, you can make a cut-up, stitched-up neck no won't even look out of place.

If its the animal sacrifice Eid, that's a bonus. I mean how many cultures can say they still do ritual animal sacrifices? Scary points for us! Use the severed goat heads as decor. Win-win. String them up on a garland or put one on your front door! Heck, you could just hollow out the animal heads you come across this season, stick a candle inside, and boom, you've got a jack'o'lantern!

I'm sure you'll find a creative way to decorate this Hallow-Eid/Zomb-Eid, I hear the streets in Pakistan are already filled with streams of blood, its just ambiance baby... what better time for sacrifice-Eid to fall than in October?

Got innards and guts leftover in your backyard from this afternoon's animal beheading?...more ambiance...

Does your butcher/slaughterer have nothing to wear to the Hallow-Eid party? Well, fuck....he's in costume already... the more blood splatter the better. Tell him to bring along his meat cleaver for effect though.

Best of all, the zombies could be a metaphor for whatever you like. Whichever way you sway.... for the brainlessly religious or the even worse, brainlessly non-religious.

I was feeling so inspired while visiting my family this Eid, I drew up a couple of five minute sketches, not everyone was as amused as me.... but like i said earlier, lighten up!

Happy Hallow-Eid!


  1. can i celebrate with you? i am a warlock from the west and possibly possessed by the demon internet. as a Star Trek fan, Klingons drink blood wine, i could try to find some and bring it. people around me are uptight too, even phobic. if they knew i was celebrating a Muslim hybrid holiday, they would think i was sympathizing with terrorists or some other ignorant thing. not so, but i do pity most of society, as they celebrate "black Friday" and worship Santa Claus, sometimes risking injury.

  2. I love this! So delightfully irreverent.

  3. Came across your letter to Ben whoever he is and replied in a Tweet. Having only begun to tweet, I don't know whether it was received or not so I thought I'd "look into" it. Still don't know but found that you are very funny. Happy HallowEid!