Monday, December 30, 2013

Fan Mail - A Glimpse

Hearing nonsensical shit from the people of my motherland is nothing new to me, comes with the territory of being a Pakistani WOMAN writing a sex blog. Please see the gems I have compiled below to get a glimpse of why I think its so important to change this mentality:

This 'lady mango' is only writing about the stuff I come across... I am not actively trying to destroy the reputation of the country. The country does that without my help quite well :) 


Hmm, I'm not the one humiliating/insulting pakistan (or Pakistanese) with the constant stories of rape, misogyny, child abuse, bomb blasts, etc...Sadly many prefer we remain silent about these issues rather than draw attention to them. They would rather keep their 'honour' intact than make any real change. FUCK HONOUR I say. 

And really how could I understand why Pakistanis kill, rape and abduct their own people... because... I mean you could only understand that if you lived there. Because if you live there.. its totally understandable. However I feel I should mention I have lived there for a few years, and did not kill, rape or abduct a single person. But thats prolly cuz I'm so influenced by immoral Western values. 

Ah yes, the glorious attention that you all shower me with. I mean you've seen the fan mail... who wouldn't want some of that? 

I especially love it when we can't take responsibility for whats wrong with we highlight the wrongs elsewhere in world. In pakistani math, you see.... two wrongs DO make a right. 

Haha heres a note from someone who found me 'worthy' enough to share some shit they wrote, despite all my handicaps that they were so kind to point out. 

Ah just another lovely message telling me to die...and then shut the fuck up. Rather redundant I know. Im also extremely curious about wtf they think I've copied or plagiarized. They failed to have mentioned that - convenient ;) 

Here's another bit of fan mail, implying that I have pinpointed the whereabouts of the majority of pakistani population. Funnily, this has never been a subject I've discussed.                               

Sometimes I'm an Indian (or Western) spy :) 

OMFG some Pakistani man thinks I'm "Smart enough" to lie about the bizarre shit I write about. Me?!! But... I'm just a ...woman... 


And there are those who just say sweet things for no reason at all, or perhaps to give me a religious cautioning, because lets face it there will come a day where my breast will not 'look so much fun' and then maybe someday the other one will also not look so much fun... 


And those who understand women so well.....

Oh.. no offence taken at all... who'd take offence to something like that? 


Those who try to censor my work and fail.... those are the best. Especially the guy who was going to start a parallel blog called Nice MangoEs...still waiting. 

There are also those who give better advice than I could ever give, regarding some of the filthy things I write about.... like ... cunnilingus and women's pleasure generally. Gross. 

Here is a very excellent comparison of bestiality and premarital sex, because lets face it folks - they're pretty much the same thing. 

However, nothing gives me as much joy as the pure nonsense... stuff that can barely be deciphered. 

And for every 10 horrid comments... I get one that truly makes this abuse kind of worth it :) 

Some times I feel jaded, and wonder if I should quit tho.... especially when I see the number of hits certain posts are getting vs. the silence around them, i can see hundreds and even thousands of you are looking - but If you don't share, comment or help spread the word.. we can never change this bleak reality.

I was recently speaking to a male reader who was telling me that my tone has become a little angry and bitter lately. Perhaps the above glimpse into my interactions with Pakistani men might give you a insight into why I may get a tad angry at the slightest hint of sexism or misogyny.

Have a wonderful New Years Eve...and drive safe. Lets hope for a less ludicrous Pakistan next year.



  1. I and many other people LOVE your blog. Please don't discontinue it. And even if your blog gets banned in Pakistan, we still have proxy servers :D
    I admire your courage, Eiynah :)

    1. Thank you for your lovely words! Made my day xx

  2. you're welcome :) xx

  3. there will always be the pundits, nay-sayers, conformist twits, and sheeple, don't let them stop you. It is not because you are bitter or cynical that really bothers them. it is that you are an intelligent woman with a spine that speaks her mind, for some that can be intimidating. somebody has to stand up and tell the truth, no matter how much it hurts. you haven't given Pakistan, nor the people a bad reputation, you just blog about the jerk-wads that do. men like that exist everywhere. while my government is spending billions spreading democracy and freedom around the world with random drone strikes and eaves dropping on everybody's phone calls and internet porn viewing, 20.000 rapes were committed by MEN in the US military. less than 150 men ever served any time at all. mostly the women were blamed and often charged with "adultery" and if not, it was their fault because they were alone or wore a regulation knee length dress uniform. most of the women weren't even married to commit adultery. but many of the men were. and working class folks tax dollars are paying for that whole crap-show, how is that for being bitter and cynical.

  4. you idiot, the seemingly out of context comments you pasted are hues and crys of handful of readers who accidentally come across the judgmental non sense called "your blog" (as you seem very proud to "own" it)
    I wonder what pleasure do you find in deliberately tarnishing the image of your home land. Portraying all Pakistani males as bisexual,frustrated premature ejaculators and all Pakistani females as orgasm hungry miserables. Notwithstanding your over projection of incidents of Rape and child abuse and even 'dead people fucking' as a routine feature.
    When you are talking dirty with men in canada is there any chance thal all of them are not Pakistani and there are some Indians or Bangali talking the same prejudices?? But tarnishing the image of with Indian or Bangladesh is not part of your "mission" i suppose.
    Here is a glimpse of the western society you are part of now which makes you look down on you mother land.
    1. Showing skin preferably cleavage to please men is part of female dress code, poor women souls are so mutilated that they feel satisfied in erecting the dicks of surrounding men by obscene dressing and being nude on beaches.
    2. Crime of breast augmentation is considered normal. imagine a women so insecure that she agrees to go under the knife only to give her potential partner a boob job and fool enough to think that it is for her own 'internal satisfaction'
    3. Gazillion rapes occur each day
    4. Men are ready to fuck women but not willing to bear responsibility of children
    5. offering a drink to an unknown female in a bar followed by a one nite strand is considered a decent way of courtship.
    6. Giving a blow job is a pre requisite of sex, where as cunnilingus are not so important.
    7. fuking a male or female shit hole is considered a normal practice
    HOW about a CAUCASIAN PEDOPHILIC serial killar story
    STOP screwing your home land and DONT SPREAD YOUR IGNORANCE.
    you insane goth, brown ( with pink genitalia as per your claim) know all, judgmental crap writer.....

  5. Wow. Adil ^^ seems to be angry.

    Anyway, I just came across your blog and what you're trying to do here is very remarkable. But the problem in a nutshell is that you're trying to change the perceptions of a misogynistic society that has deluded itself into denying every single problem they have. Our favorite pastime is playing a game called "pass-the-blame". We're never going to accept our mistakes. We're just going to say XYZ did this, ABC did that, EFG is responsible for everything that's wrong with us. And so on and so forth.

    But that's exactly why you should never stop. Yesterday it was your voice. Today I'm standing beside you. Tomorrow you'll get another person who'll support you. And one day we'll have converted enough people and change will become a very viable option.

    The reason a lot of these hypocrites hate you is because you break every single convention of the religion they believe in. A religion that delves far deeper into their lifestyle than it should. I'm not talking about the Islam of 1400 years ago. I'm talking about today's Islam, dictated to us by illiterate mullahs who are the biggest hypocrites known to mankind. So yeah, keep pissing them off. The more angry they get, the more foolish they appear. And the more foolish they appear, the better your chances of getting sane people on your side.


  6. NO,please don't quit!!!
    Somewhere down the road,you are going to inspire other people to talk about these issues. We Pakistanis need you,thought it is quite unfortunate that most don't recognize this. If you quit,nobody might take up this work again.
    Keep it up. Love your work :-)

  7. So very glad to see you haven't quit, and very much hope you never do. These types of blogs and projects are so important and so very much needed. For everyone. Every community and culture needs to learn how to have these conversations, and everyone needs to know it is happening in every other community, and can and should happen in theirs as well. We all need to learn and remember that the conversation might be awkward but is right and helpful and good. The old posts might be old information to some, but it doesn't mean it isn't still relevant or worth discussing to someone new. Everyone needs this, your community and almost every other community in the world including us in the West need these types of conversations. I know I did, and sometimes still do.

    I'm sorry for all the hate you get, I desperately hope you get a lot of love for it too. You most definitely deserve it. Your frustration is completely understandable, and your perseverance through the challenges is astounding.

    So thank you, thank you, and thank you. I hope all this stays here forever, and you keep posting for as long as its cathartic or pleasurable or whatever keeps you motivated.

    All and forever the best!


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement :)