Wednesday, May 1, 2013

You're such a Pakistani Rockstarrrr (manson reference for those of u who werent spooky kids in ur youth)

So I was practicing photoshop selection skills for my class and wondered what it'd be like if our respectable/beloved politicians were indeed the rockstars they pretend to be...

Now mind you, some of these hybrid creatures turned out better than others.... and I have only taken a beginners photoshop class... so don't be criticizing my skills, cuz I'm well aware they aren't the best...

you may critique me after i take PhotoShop 2  :)

Anyhoo, thought i'd share these with you, because I found them amusing... also, I'd just like to throw out that this is in no way an endorsement for any of the politicians... they are all pretty evil as far as I'm concerned ... and I actually like some of these musicians/singers (no, not bieber) - so however cool one of these rockstars might be, it is not a reflection upon how cool/uncool the pakistani politician in the picture is.


yea i got lazy with altaf....realised i was using a 
hard brush, then didnt bother to do it over again..
shit happens, *shrug* 


  1. Hahahaha Zardari the anorexic pussy

  2. Imran and Musharraf are the best! Love it!!