Wednesday, January 9, 2013

He likes his ladies 'older', but that could mean trouble.

I recently got an email from a reader in quite the predicament. I thought it would be best if he heard more opinions, especially from other men… perhaps guys who have been in similar situations. 


I am 22 years old, i live in pakistan.I found about sex when i was 9/10 years old. I always enjoyed watching porn. I made out with many girls but didnt do anything else. My sex life started when i was in college 18 years old. I had been in many relationships with girls in college.Enjoyed good simple sex and foreplay. But when i got in university i encountered my first relationship with an aged women (married). It was new for me but unlike in previous cases i would have to seduce the female for sex i was being seduced by the women. Anyways when i had sex with her it was the best i had ever had. She had total control over me and knew how to handle me, give me pleasure and satisfy her self too. It was just perfect no awkward situations unlike those that would occur with my prior girlfriends many times. After this experience aged women body figure, breast and every other feature took over me. My interest in young women started to die. After my relationship with the first one ended (her husband came back from Dubai). I went after other aged women not any girls anymore (Im talking about from 26-35 years old women,who had kids or were atleast into 2nd year of marriage).  After being in relationship with many other aged women, till just a couple months ago i found out because of me one of the women got in trouble, something bad happened (Not going to tell all that happened) but because of what happened i'm not going to being a relationship with a aged women again just for my lust. And its really hard to find an unmarried/divorced women. Mostly the ones you find are married and have children.

 the problem is that after that i have tried to be in relationship with few girls after that but i havent been able to enjoy sex anymore. I have lost interest in them. I have tried but i dont even try anymore. I have even hired aged prostitutes couple of times (Facepalm ). How am i suppose to get over this ? what can i do to enjoy sex more with a young partner ? I have to get over this or i will end up ... errr.

* * *

We all know that sexuality is generally a risky business in Pakistan, and can sometimes land you in grave danger (when done outside of wedlock), so not only is it unethical to be boinking someone else's partner but it can get you fuckin' killed too! So be careful Yasir. 

I do realize it's hard to come across single 'older' women in Pakistan - and that's because they want to fucking marry all the women off as soon as they reach puberty! Its not worth the risk, and you really don't want to ruin anyone else's life…. If you're engaging in sexual acts with a sex worker - remember to always use condoms. 

Also, sometimes an experienced/confident partner isn't necessarily an older one. Perhaps you'll meet someone you want to grow with. 

But I'm curious to hear what other Pakistani gentlemen have to say about this.. and if they've ever felt something similar. 

(ps. I think older women would prefer the term 'mature women' or opposed to 'aged women' also, umm since when did 26-35 yr olds become 'older women' i suppose to a 22 yr old maybe, but even then i can't imagine there being too much of a difference)

Till next time, folks. 


  1. If you want twice the sex with half the foreplay, why don't u go ahead and marry an older women.

  2. I for one prefer females of either the same age, or younger. I have been older women as well (unmarried), and with the exception of a couple, most of those experiences were anything to write home about. What put me off sex with older women mainly was their controlling nature in the sack in particular... or I was maybe unfortunate to not have gotten with the right ones.

    Have you ever tried talking to the younger ones you've been with to work on the possible do's and don't's; what could potentially help in making it more enjoyable for the both of you? You're still quite young and as Eddie Murphy would put it - these are your fucking years. Have fun. Be careful, of course.

    Also, do you maybe believe in Karma? Yes? Stop banging other peoples' women then. Yes, they have an equal say in it happening to begin with. Yes, it's consensual. Yes, they very well may have come on to you. But, have you ever heard of the phenomenon known as "dick control"? Read up on it. Just my two cents. Nothing personal :)

  3. I thought young girls like elder mature men !

  4. Totally agree with the last part. We have to change this idiotic mindset of mocking 25-26 year olds as aged women. Sheer idiocracy. For fucks sake it's the age when you only end up with your prevailing education. I wish I could go back in time and raise these generations into something more prolific minded individuals, at least a bit.

  5. Since when has been blog been turned into a sexual counseling service?! I thought you were to bring out the 'issues about the society' and not 'oh-let-me-help-you-have-more-fun-with-your-sexual-experiences'. I have been genuinely disappointed.

    1. Erm, this is an issue regarding sexuality and Pakistanis.... my aim is to create a dialogue and encourage discussion about sex in our country... so that misinformation can turn in to real information, Safe sex, gender equality, and yes sexual pleasure are all part of being a sexually well-informed society. Too bad you're disappointed... :/ Cuz im doing exactly what I set out to do.

  6. I have been through what you are describing. By the time you are 26 yrs old, you'll be over it, specially if you get married by then. That's when you realize how fun it is to be with younger women.

    Till that time, start looking for some other Fetishes...its not hard to develop a new one ;)