Friday, January 18, 2013

Givin' away some mangos...

Hola !

Its been a while since I gave away some I thought I'd do just that, in time to celebrate hitting 1000 followers on twitter. Yeah yeah, i know its not a huge number compared to some of the blogging superstars... but hey considering how many ppl are angry about me being a woman and talking about sex so openly, I'm surprised we've hit this many zeros.

So I may not be a twitter rock star, but hey, I'll take 1000 ;)

Anyhoo....I'm not going to give artwork away to just anyone, it has to be someone who actually reads my ramblings.... and if you do, you wont find these questions too hard.

-So answer any 5

-and email me the answers nicemangosDOTblogATgmailDOTcom.

The first person to send me an email will get a pretty package in the mail.. containing an original signed, Nice Mangos print.

Oh, and u can pick from these;

1) Where does the Author of this blog live currently (City and Country) ? 

2) What is the name/pseudonym I go by?

3) Who does the artwork on my blog? 

4) I recently drew desi versions of 2 fairytales, what were they? 

5) One of my more recent posts was published by Express Tribune Blogs, what was the post about?

6) I once blogged about a Pakistani celebrity - who was it? 

7) I drew an alphabet series, can you name 3 things from there? 

8) I did a post about Pakistani swingers, true or false?

9) I started a petition about..?

10) Whats my twitter handle? 


Here's a picture from my last art giveaway. This lucky topless winner is from Dubai.... 

this .. could be you next :) I love sending my art out into the world... so please give it a good home - and the only condition is, is that you're going to have to send me a pic of my art in ur hands when u get it! 

Also, be forewarned, the last giveaway ended within 3.5 minutes so act fast! :) 

UPDATE: contest is now closed, thank you to all who participated! It was over within the first 5 mins... and hey whaddaya know, this time the winner is from Canada .. :D 

There will be other giveaways, so do not despair! 


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  1. interesting blog, sex, religion and pedophilia. not to many blogs like that. nobody likes to touch those politically/socially hot potatoes. i would like to apologize, as i am neither Pakistani, nor a Muslim. i am an EX-catholic/christian. someone commented a while back about chritians being sexually repressed, that is true, and that christianity doesn't give a crap about the female orgasm, that is true. even though it is also true the female can have 3 different types AND multiples! Tantra and Kama Sutra are evidence that sex evolved from not just an instinctive, procreative act to an art form with at least some religious and spiritual undertones. before humans understood human physiology, that sex makes babies, children were considered gifts from the gods. things became symbols of those gods, the sun, moon, stars, even "mother earth" and "mother nature" and various individual aspects of those. then human faces. most gods and goddesses did exist, kings, queens, warriors, wizards, shaman, and herbalist healers. in Native American history medicine men foretold of the airplane and the train long before the Wright brothers ever flew a kite or a Chinese slave laid railroad tie to earth. certain castes of christianity have evolved religion as well. the mormons, one of my bros converted, actually believe Jesus is white and spoke english. not only him but all of the people in the bible and GOD. that's right all middle eastern people were white and that God cursed someone 'cuz they screwed up and turned everybody's skin dark that happened to follow this screw up, his name was Lamen. i guess that's why they invented the cliche when someone screws up "that's so lame." while christians are sexually repressed the leaders are depraved, been watchin' the news the last few years. what is also sad is pedophilia is big business all around the world especially in poor countries and governments and religions and most of society turn a blind eye, until it happens to them. it happened to my bro, not a catholic priest but a scout camp leader. that was back in 1967. as i said many cultures have worshiped gods and goddesses. Norse mythology worshiped gods and goddesses, it is a historical fact that Norwegian women lost their rights of equality when Norse mythology fell to christian mythology. many solstice religions regarded the female as a little more equal because the female is responsible for not only the creation of new life, and in most cases the rearing of new life, and the male is only incidental to it. so i pose a rhetorical question to ponder, wouldn't the Creator of all life be much more Goddess- like, FEMALE like in nature? as far as oral sex goes, i treat my wife's body like an alter, or buffet line whatever you prefer. so i will leave you with a joke heavily steeped in fact and i mean absolutely no offense to anyone except catholic priest/pedophiles; do you know the difference between a terrorist/extremist and a catholic priest/pedophile is? a terrorist/extremist expects little boys to blow themselves up, a catholic priest/pedophile expects little boys to blow them. again i apologize for psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually puking all over your blog. we ain't so different, no matter where you are, came from or going to, in fact we are all so much alike it hurts, when's it going to stop?