Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Polite Conversations Podcast

Dear Readers,

Some of you may not follow me on Twitter (@nicemangos) and may have missed the recent drama with the first episode of my podcast with my wonderful co-host Paul (also of The Q Podcast) . Before we even had a chance to share the link of our YouTube Channel it was flagged for inappropriate content, severe and repeated violations of community standards, and the channel was disabled..before it even got a chance to live out an entire day. Truly baffling how our content was flagged before we even shared the link with anyone, but some people are clearly keeping an eye on who to hate and who to silence. Coincidentally many of those being silenced are ex-muslims....

Our first guest was the lovely...supposedly 'controversial' ex-muslim activist Maryam Namazie. And ironically a lot of our conversation centered around how people try to silence her time and time again. Luckily, as a backup plan we've uploaded the podcast to my soundcloud...while we figure out how to get back our account (which is not looking good) or to create another.

Either way, those who attempt to silence us, never achieve their goals, instead they end up bringing more attention to whatever it was they didn't want anyone to hear. We've had much more listens of the podcast in the past couple of days than we expected, retweets from Richard Dawkins, and plenty of support from people.  :) All thanks to our haters!

Listen to the banned podcast here, and share it! Especially on facebook, since thats another place I've been removed from.

Hopefully there will be many more episodes to come, just keep an eye on my blog/twitter to see where it ends up having a permanent home.


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