Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Facebook Wants to See My Govt. Photo ID - I'm anonymous because I'd be killed if I wasn't

Dear Readers,

If you're wondering why I haven't been posting on's because my account has been targeted yet again. Facebook's 'real name' policy makes it impossible for many ex-muslims who receive constant death threats for apostasy to be on there safely.

In this political climate where outspoken secular South Asian bloggers like me are being hacked to death, when illustrators and cartoonists are shot for blaspheming, ex-Muslims are seriously expected to 'out' themselves?

And if we are not being targeted by Muslim bigots, we are being targeted by anti-Muslim bigots.

When I'm not being hated by Pakistani nationalists for being a secret Indian spy, I'm hated by Indian nationalists for being a Pakistani spy. When i'm not being attacked on social media by religious fundies, I'm accused by anti-muslim bigots for being a 'secret Muslim'. So as you can see, there are various groups that would be happy to shut me down. This policy gives them an easy way to do so.

This time they have asked me for government Photo ID which shows a birthdate ffs.

Facebook: you're not a government office, and you're not entitled to that information. So this is probably where we part ways, unless something changes.

I had just had my account reinstated in June this year. Whaddaya know.. it lasted aaaall the way till August! You can tweet to @facebook and tell them your thoughts on the 'real name' policy.

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