Tuesday, November 25, 2014

No Booze for Sharia hotel in London, will Pre-marital sex be Forbidden next?

You know what's great? Hotel sex (depending on how germophobic you are). People visiting/planning to have sex in London's Bermondsy Square Hotel, please make sure you're married . Premarital sex is forbidden in Islam.

What does Islam have to do with a London hotel, you ask?

Well...while I might be exaggerating about the no-premarital sex rule, I have been seeing news about some 'Sharia Hotel' floating about. I always passed it off as spoof news or a joke. Finally decided to look it up. It is real. Very real and fucking terrifying.

What is wrong with you Britain? What strain of multiculturalism have you been smoking?

While I respect that Muslim owned establishments should be able to provide halal meat to their clientele around the world, because I don't see how blessing meat one way or another would really infringe upon anyone's rights (Yes the animal rights issues are a separate conversation as is the 'terrorism-funding'). But as far as personal offence, I really don't think it matters what sky person your meat is blessed in the name of. I personally would prefer it if my meat was sacrificed to the dark lord, always. But when I can't find certifiable satan-worship meat at my local store, I'm fine with other kinds too. I don't eat a lot of meat anyway, and make sure to sacrifice my asparagus to whomever I please...in my own home.

I always think to myself that the people who make a big deal about halal meat are focusing on the wrong things (when it comes to problems with Islam, there are perhaps larger ones to look at), and that there is no actual threat that sharia law could possibly take over any part of any western nation, but when I see that Muslim ownership can cause a trendy London boutique hotel to impose a sudden alcohol ban and an eventual pork ban...I am taken aback, and I question whether the halal-haters actually *do* have reason to be as defensive as they are.

I don't even eat pork...and I am offended that a hotel with an already established clientele, would take it away due to religious reasons. If it was always built as a muslim hotel, for a niche market, I would understand. But to drive out and discriminate against an existing client base...this is fucked up.

This selective privilege and pretend-diversity is oppressive. Diversity is ok when it teaches tolerance and acceptance towards muslims. But diversity is NOT ok if it calls for muslims to learn how to tolerate others, and other ways of life. Everyone else must adapt to accommodate, muslims cannot be asked to accommodate anything. Not even having alcohol present in a hotel? I mean surely no one force feeds alcohol and pork to anyone.... that would be awful. But to not be able to sit in the same establishment as others who might want a drink? The height of intolerance. Is there fear of getting drunk by absorbing it through the air...?

I cannot tell you how many extended family get-togethers and weddings we have gone to where a bunch of us gather to have warm beer in someone's car in the parking lot (classy, I know). And we are not teenagers, but we sure have to act like teenagers because of how taboo alcohol can be. But at least those are private gatherings, and those footing the bill, should feel free to throw a 'party' however they like.

To allow sharia-type laws in establishments open to the public is a very slippery slope. Where does this religiosity end? Will they eventually really be imposing a no premarital-sex rule? Will there be mandatory virginity tests before check-in? Will they have a friday afternoon 'lets stone the adulteress' event in the lobby? Will they turn away gay couples? (luckily, for now they have said they will accept sinful same-sex couples - how very kind of them), will they add a modest clothing clause? An anti-blasphemy law? I mean...where does one draw the line....and if these other questions sound ridiculous to you, then removing alcohol/pork from the premises should too. If you don't like it, you should of course not be forced into it. But you shouldn't get to decide what other people are eating or drinking.

Again, this hotel is not in Lahore, Pakistan..it is in London, England. So bizarre.

 from http://www.tripadvisor.ca/

 from http://www.tripadvisor.ca/

And seriously, what is the point of this rule
if you're allowing alcohol in anyway?
Just to be an ass and make guests bring
their own booze? FFS.
Lol @ 'bring something nice from your cellar'

Sigh. I am sorry this is happening to your city Londoners.


  1. Will they have a friday afternoon 'lets stone the adulteress' event in the lobby?

    They might call it fun friday. Reviewers be like;"We had a great time. Specially the fridays are awesome. Stone throwing and shit ... so refreshing!"

  2. Any publicity is good publicity. They probably lost their liquor license and decided to put a positive spin on it.

    1. Hahaha thats an interesting way of looking at it :P

  3. I lived in the UK for a while and the extremism of many of the Muslims is alarming, but more so is the way the authorities facilitate it. It is honestly flabbergasting. The mentality in the UK is that multiculturalism means that minority 'communities' are worlds unto themselves, and it is racist for the police to enforce British law on Muslims. There seems to have been a widespread refusal on the part of the police to even investigate allegations of domestic violence, rape etc if the woman is perceived as Muslim. I heard that a South Asian woman went to a police station to speak to someone about her husband abusing her and they refused to even discuss it with her. They told her to get a lawyer. The situation is extremely concerning. Something that came out during the Rotherham coverage is that the Muslims (male of course) in the town council asked that when a woman goes into a shelter or a secret location to escape an abusive husband, the authorities should give these Muslim 'community leaders' the woman's contact details. And they were happy to do so! And anyone who dares to question any of this is howled down as an Islamophobe far-right fascist racist bigot. Even if they are women from the relevant community. The situation in the UK is unbelievable, though it seems that perhaps the tide is starting to turn.

    1. Now this is alarming. I've heard similar things about the Muslim diaspora in the UK. That they're a lot more secluded over there compared to the Muslims over here in North America. Sharia law being forced on you must be horrible. We didn't leave the homeland to get back into the same pile of dung.

      Now these are issues that should be written/talked about more.

  4. I don't see what the problem is. As far as I know it isn't illegal to not sell alcohol in a Hotel. Complaining about this is like complaining about Chik-Fil-A not selling beef or them being closed on Sundays. They're a private business, they should be allowed to do anything they want as long is it's not illegal of course. If you don't like what they're doing you can take your business elsewhere.

    On a side note, I come from a dry country so I don't really understand all this fuss over not getting alcohol.

  5. Reminds me of a room 242 in Lahore's Pearl Continental. It is a bar, supposedly to serve drinks to foreigners with a licence. Yet, all of the people there were Pakistanis, including my office colleagues who are all "officially" Muslims. The same type of room-bar in any larger hotel in Pakistan (except PC Peshawar)

  6. Dear
    The reason Sharia bans alcohol is that it intoxicates and makes a person irresponsible. When a person drinks, whether at home or in a hotel, and carries out criminal or anti-social actions then it is not a personal matter - its society's problem. A person drinks in a hotel and drives home, killing you or your dear ones on the way - you will not like it.
    I think your moral compass on this one has let you down. Maybe your rabid hatred of Pakistanis has got the better of you. You are not changing Pk society, you are standing at a distance and throwing stones. Each to their own.