Thursday, February 28, 2013

Yes this is a fake email ID. I am a researcher on sex topics.

terror ****** 
6:04 AM (3 hours ago)

Asalam o Alikum,

Yes this is a fake email ID. I am a researcher on sex topics. And on controversial topics... mostly a battle between science and religion.  

I am a religious person. Not much practicing but i try to improve my self more and more according to islam. 

I am here to know about you :P

R u muslim? Ur education etc etc :P 

Looking forward for a reply... well lets see were it goes :P 

Allah Hafiz


Why hello, Mr. 'Terror*****' what an inviting fake name you have chosen. Who wouldn't be motivated to respond to such a genuine, warm-hearted email. 

I am shocked that this is a fake email ID, if you had not informed me of this - I would have never known. 

Since you are a researcher on 'sex topics' I would naturally assume that you'd have an official, science-y / researcher email ID. Even if you had to create a fake one, you could have made one that would back your story up and make it seem more authentic (just some friendly advice for next time). Perhaps something like; or would have been more suited. 

Sex topics AND controversial topics? My my, you must be a busy bee researching something as broad as 'controversy' in general. I'm impressed. 

Most of all, I'm impressed with your knowledge of technical terms often used in the scientific study of sexuality. You have indeed displayed that you are an experienced sex researcher. 

And thank you very much for sharing the relevant information about your personal religious habits. No sex research conversation is complete without the sharing of such vital information. 

Interesting that you want to know about me specifically. How exactly will my religious beliefs and my educational background assist you in your research? I would be more than happy to oblige if you could provide me with the connection. 

Here is your reply, and prompt too, I might add.

Good Day Sir. 


ps. It isn't going much further than this. 


  1. LOLL that was such a witty response, I literally laughed out loud. Did this douche bag ever respond?