Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"I am particlaulry interested in long hairs of women"

Some of you have mentioned that you'd like to see the messages/emails that don't make it on the blog. Here is a fine example of the 'gems' I often receive:

HI ,

I want to contribute my experiences also starting from my adult life. But let me tell you i am not very fluent in english so will use roman urdu too.

So i am right now 26 and male. I lived in Faisalabad and now living in Islamabad. i have something very different as per sex rules. I am particlaulry interested in long hairs of women. I like too much sexual appeal for the women  with hip length hairs. Interestingly i masturbated to get adultatry while thinking of my aunt who had a very thick long hip kissing braid. She use to come in ur house on and off later i trued to touch the braid while thinking that hairs have no sensor system isi liyeah jab kattay hain dard nahi hota. I think she felt this thing and once when she came to our house i was sitting behing her i tried to touch her braid and she felt. but surprisingly she get her braid off her dopata and put in front then throw it on back... in those time whenever she came to our home and sit outside in the lawn i use to masturbate. In those days there came another neighbour whose aunt had sexy braid too. She later cut her hairs and i was very sad of her. Later after i searched interent and found that hair sex is very attractive as lot of models offer hair jobs. I forget to told u that while i was in metric i fall in love with a gril who agreed to start the affair after i acdepted her shart of kissing her. At that time i had no idea of french kiss so i did not tasted it. However, later on french kiss is the hotest thing that erose my shaft well. I have a huge collection of long hair photos and i use to masturbate on and off by watching them. I have downloaded several porn movies featuring long hair models like lena li and ange venus. I love to masturbate on NOOR also. I have experienced phone sex too with several Pakistani and foreign girls. Once i had an experience with a girl who called her Saima . i uploaded her 200 Rs on jazz and she did phone sex with me. knowing that i love long hairs se said " lo main nay joori khola. apna lun is main daaalo. aa mera hont chooso, mei zaban chooso,yeah lo main nay apnay baal tumahray lund per cherha diey , bla bla bla.."' laterr i also had a sex on skype with an indian gril. She talked in english keh fill my vagina etc etc.... But the most lovely talk i had was with a gril from Multan. She was house hold lady unmarried and she had long hairs.i dont had a sex chat with her but i talked a lot about her hairs. She later gopt married and told me ab hum wo sab kertay hain jis ki kabhi batain kertay thyey. since us ka mian koi itna kamal nahi hai wo kehti keh hontoon wali chummi ka maza nahi aata mujhay. haan main roz subah apnay baalon say tapkata pani us per gira ke usay uthati hn... aaj kal main french kissing or long hairs wali videos baanta hn or upload kerta hn. meri shadi honay wali hai and i wish key meri bv kay lmabay baal hn ta keh main us say bhi sexker sakoon..

So there u have it folks :)


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA This just made my day!

  2. Shabash beta dil laga ker parho pak watan ko tum jesay jawano ki zaroorat hae. Mashallah kitne saal k thay jab yeh kam shoru kia ? wesay larkay 8th or 9th grade men start letay hen aur akhri sanson tak chalta rehta hae

  3. Hahahhahahhahahahahaa OhmyGod.This is why Guys like Girls with long hairs:D:D:D

  4. How on earth did you even read this!! Gosh!
    He has absolutely no clue what this blog is all about. Bewakoof!

  5. This is actually hilarious! And yes, no idea what exactly was he thinking!