Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Watch this Video While I work on my Next Post :)

I've met some very interesting people through my blog, one of those people is @Snootyshark He's always got the best links to share. One of those links in particular really struck a chord with me. Yet another way society is pressuring women to conform to a certain set of ideals. Its nothing new for us to feel like we have to try to look a certain way, but this is a whole other level.

If you're a woman, and you've got about an hour to spare, I highly recommend you watch this documentary called 'The Perfect Vagina' (there is a black screen in a few parts but hang in there)

If you're a perv lookin to get off, go to a porn site. I dont think this doc will really serve that purpose.

* * *

Ok seriously, I had no idea women had so many issues surrounding the appearance of their genitalia. And also, i had no idea there was so much variety in appearance. So i've definitely learned a couple of things here.

Its appalling that some young women feel so conscious about the appearance of their vaginas that they're willing to go through such extreme measures to 'beautify' them. Aren't you cutting off nerve endings in a labiaplasty? *shudder*

Also, the hippy stuff towards the end, where they sit in a circle and talk about how they feel about their bits and then invite others to look with them. Err... call me a prude... but wtf... haha that is definitely not something i'd be interested in. But whatever works for them I guess.

The hymen reconstruction surgery isn't as shocking....being from the part of the world that i'm from and growing up in the Middle East, you did hear of such things. unfortunate.... but they do exist. However, i've never met anyone who knows of anyone who's done it.... have you?

Ladies(and men), I'd love to hear your thoughts on this brilliant documentary.
And thanks again @Snootyshark! keep em comin' :)


  1. Female khatna ! Yeah this is comon practice in Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia and many countries in ME & Africa. Even some muslim say it is Sunnah for female too just like males. Ahhh i thought only men were concious about size of their tools ! BTW vaginas also come in different sizes & shapes.

  2. Eiynah why you are always concerned for pervs wanting to get off? Yuckkkk... WTF Yeh video dekh ker kis ka khara ho ga! Balke soya hua bhi ander chhup jayega andon k smet.

    1. And that's what you got from a video about genital mutilation? Douchebag!