Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A few Pervy Comments.....

So, last time I was writing about the donkey honour killing (didn't think i'd ever use those three words together), and didn't get round to posting what my male interviewees had to say about bestiality. I'll get to that in a sec.. but before I do - I'd like to thank all the commenters; all your stories and opinions added more food for thought. And a subject such as this... you just can't wrap your head around it really... (unless ur a sick fuck and relate to animal fuckers) discussion is important.

As a nation, we really don't talk enough about this aspect of our lives... theres all kinds of awful sexual deviance...bestiality, pedophilia, incest, etc.... and the way we normally deal with the stuff thats hard to swallow is (no pun intended) to sweep it under a giant rug, so to speak, hoping that it'll just freakin' go away. But you know, it never does... in fact it manifests itself in other ugly forms...and perhaps shows itself in an even more disturbing manner. (excuse me for recycling a previous illustration of mine):

That's why i keep saying, we need to address these issues... and talk about them ... air it out, its toxic to keep it in.... and thats why maybe, so many in our country are so poisonous...there's no denying Pakistan's terribly sad state these days... i often wonder if when i have kids, i'd even take them there...anyhow, i digress. Thats too sad a thought to consider at the moment.

Where was I... ah yes, I was thanking the commenters.... all except one. No thanks to the anonymous person who described even the position their friend screwed a donkey in. I'm pretty sure i know who this commenter is, and once again - he completely misses the point of the post... *le sigh*...

For a while now, I've had an odd sort of fellow leave random disturbing comments, sometimes as anonymous, and once in a while he initials his comments. 'N.J.'...I've gotten to know his 'writing style' and the kinds of comments he leaves are usually different from the others who are simply trying to have a discussion.

NJ seems to get off on writing sexual details. Rather than tell him to eff off, i've often tried to make him understand the reasons for my post....i've tried to get to know him a bit better rather than ignore him, simply cuz he's an intriguing that represents the 'average' pakistani male a tad more accurately than all you snooty ejumacated, westernized types of desi boys that usually read the blog.

In case ur curious, here are some of the comments he's left, or at least I assume its him:

when i posted that i was on vacation:

Anonymous said...
whoa...have a nice erotic vacation. is it in Carribean or dubai or maybe khi. BTW you enjoying alone or with yr hubby ? what is yr frequency of fucking on vacation ?

on my post about women and orgasms:

N.J. said...
Eiynah Please can you put a pic of your vibrator for our poor opressed orgasm starved desi girls to see it. ty

May 31, 2011 1:45 AM
Eiynah said...
Im sure more than the girls, you'd like to see it NJ, and thats really not what this blog is about... there are plenty of sites for you to go see women and vibrators, but Nice mangos is more about creating dialogue...

May 31, 2011 10:34 AM

N.J. said...
No i dont have a fetish for vibrator neither i need one i was just wondering if u can put pic on your blog for paki girls to see how it looks like & how to use it to have jerking orgasms. Is it available in pak ?

June 1, 2011 2:21 AM
Anonymous said...
and also coz vibrator don't have that natural smell & warm unique feeling... you know that vapour mix of pheromones with some sweat.

June 8, 2011 2:12 AM

on my post about porn for women:

Anonymous said...
Gud old days.... Orgies & s** parties in SC compound. Ever attended 1 ? Hows swinging swaping or group scene in Canada.

April 18, 2011 5:09 AM

Eiynah said...
.....why must everyone comment as anonymous on this blog... make up a fake name or something... it'll only make things more interesting. Its getting a bit dull responding to anons all the time. Just pick the name/url option... and make something up... please :)

Anonymous said...
Kion k Pakistan mein sub kuch chhup chhupa k hi hota hai isi liye Anonymous. FYI not all wives are broad minded liberal like you (wish i had 1 like you).
ok its anon N.J.

May 24, 2011 6:24 AM

on various posts about masturbation;

Anonymous said...
Your Hadith link regarding musterbation reminds me of Qari M***** ul Haq Saheb and our Islamyat teacher Q*** sahb.
He use to like all good looking young boys only. When a boy sit beside him for daily dars he use to put his one hand in shilwar and stroke making sounds like a pigeon taking off for a flight LoL. He also had a fetish of pinching & pressing our heals with his thumb and forefinger. Those days we can't understand all this.
The Islamyat teacher use to put some peanuts in his shirwani pocket and tell (good looking boys only) to take some peanuts from his pocket and there you can touch feel find something warm & stiff poking into his side pocket.

March 12, 2011 12:57 AM

Anonymous said...
BTW aap sub ka interview kerti ho lekin apna bhi tu batao kia aap ne shadi se pehlay/baad kabhi kisi handsome man ke sath sex nahi kia or kabhi kisi female dost ke sath kiss etc. nahi kia. ya kabhi musterbate nahi kia? if all this answers are negative phir aap jhoot bolti ho.

February 24, 2011 4:32 PM

Anonymous said...
Please can you ask your female interviewees. why pakistani girls hate:
french kissing, sucking penis, licking balls, anal,69 position.
they say its haram in islam aur yeh sub gandi chizen hain. islam mein sex missionary position mein aur razai ya blanket ke ander kerna chahiey. even some will not undress in lights on.

February 24, 2011 4:40 PM

Anonymous said...
Aaaah.... interesting.. reminds me of my teenage years jerking secretly closed eyes thinking of neighbor aunt butts !!!

February 14, 2011 12:01 AM
Anonymous said...
Lady your blogs great reading stuff for curious men like me..
Aaaaah Bachpan.... relative ki shadi per raat ko Zarina aunty ke sath aik he bed per sleeping aur slowly pulling her shilwar down from behind and inserting willy in her butt crack (heavy heartbeats) and cuming quickly then pulling up her shilwar to its place.
Funny thing in the morning having b/fast together Ammi Razia aunty me and others... Razia aunty teasing me pinching my cheek and saying oooh T.... sahb bhi is shadi mein aye hain... Wah

February 14, 2011 12:17 AM

So although I had to endure a few pervy comments here and there...I managed to get an interview with this NJ, of course he was more than willing... and even mentioned in the interview form that he was getting hard while filling it out :/

Now thats a mighty interesting read... we'll get to it after the other male interviewees thoughts on'll be worth the wait, trust me;

* * *
Fahad, male, 24

I definitely have a pretty strong opinion on this. Its completely wrong. More than the gross factor of doing it with an animal, the act is basically rape. Majority of the animals in this world have sex to reproduce and not necessary for pleasure. For us humans to have sex with them for pleasure is completely wrong and disgusting. I take myself as a progressive, liberal, and forward thinking person and there's not much that bothers me, but bestiality is something I cannot agree with.

Sultan, male, 19

I’ve heard stories but just one or two, not many. I do think it exists more in countries that are sexually repressed. We are sexually repressed as a nation - I think our culture and our orthodox religious beliefs contribute to this. Many people misconceive religion to be some kind of sick game that god is playing with them, and in my opinion its not like that – and because of this misconception there is a lot of sexual repression in our society

Khizer, Male, 26

*ugh* “I don’t know about this country, but I was in Florida for a while and I heard that sheep were very popular there. I have never heard stories over here, but judging by the rate of the population I’m sure people are doing it.”

Imad, Male, 25

I have no clue…I’ve never even heard stories about it.

Qasim, Male, 26

OH......ummm.....i would say.. out in the villages... i dont see it as being a once in a blue moon kind of a thing... i see it as being more occurant than that....its hard to say.....purely because is not something thats really talked about. I know in the western culture... theres a lot of porn out there with men and horses... or women and horses...i wouldnt generally say moreso than other countries.... it might just be the same as any other place... but i guess information available would say otheriwse.

Ali, Male, 29

its a lot more in pakistan compared to other contries....

* * *

So the men are a lot less wordy than the women about the surprises there....i'm starting to realise that it takes a lot to get most of their kind to speak.... but not NJ ... oh no.... he has a lot to say.... keep an eye out for his interview next time... ;)


  1. A good post again... interesting how we do end up using this as a way to communicate things we would normally hide... I mean the internet...

    Since I have only recently started reading your blog, I won't really leave any comments on the issue apart from it being very wrong (which is fairly obvious).

    About getting a plethora of anonymous comments, well like he himself said, our nation does everything behind closed walls.

    My 2p to the whole issue though? Every nation, every country, every human, every individual, every culture, we all have lines, we do not like to cross.

    In Pakistan, we have left that line very close to being human. As a result, we often stumble outside that line without even trying/thinking very hard. However, once the line is crossed, that is it, you have no moral compass left. Anything and everything is, wait for it, Halal for you! Whether it be bestiality, paedophilia, or incest. Such is the joy of living in a highly deprived and oppressed culture.

  2. A friend of mine (much older than either of us), made this comment:

    There is no shortage of beautiful sluts (not prostitutes) in Karachi and the rest of Pakistan

    He also refused to share any detail of anything that happened with him sexually, but his view on marriage (he's still a bachelor), is Why Keep the Cow at Home, When You Can Get Milk from the market.

    My point is, that maybe us keeping our sex stories, in a big black void is good; because then we can get up to all sorts of fun stuff and not have to deal with consequences, because we don't tell anybody about it =)

  3. I thought that was a Sheikh Rasheed quote... unless your friend is Sheikh Rasheed?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Sami, i completely agree with the no moral compass thing...thats the kind of thing that comes from such oppression/repression. TLW, i have to disagree..just because ppl arent telling anyone about it, doesnt mean there are no consequences. And often becuase all this stuff is so hidden and frowned upon in our society...the 'fun stuff' u speak of can turn into a lot of not so fun stuff (like rape, misogyny, pedophelia, etc) :( ....just my opinion, but holding stuff back to this extent cant be good.

  6. The main problem is all this gender segregation. When guys can't even talk to girls outside their families, their minds get fucked up. Guys have to direct their sexual frustration somewhere. Not saying it's right or justified.
    This wouldn't be so bad if we could talk to have candid conversations with the opposite sex.

  7. thats exactly what the problem is saeed ....and truly, just being able to discuss these things would make a huge difference...which is why i always encourage discussion...but its like pulling teeth most of the time...ppl are conditioned not to speak abt such things.

  8. and because of which, as soon as people do get the chance, it is almost hard not to exploit it!