Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wake up and smell the pakoras!

Happy independence day ? :/


What on earth are you out there celebrating? This is not where we were meant to be.

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  1. Sorry, that little rant came from the night of 'chowda ugust' (independence day,14th Aug) when my husband and I decided it would be fun to go to the desi area of Toronto to maybe get some much-loved brown know, do something to remind us of our roots. The country is in a terrible state (even more so than usual), and this is no time to celebrate, but we thought maybe we'd come across some creative relief efforts or some solemn vigil...some candles.... something, anything...that we could be a part of.... (Sadly though, mostly we were motivated by the promise of spicy snacks :/)

    What we did not expect to come across was a ridiculously flamboyant display of distasteful celebratory behaviour. I mean how could people be out; dancing in the streets, forcing goras to honk at our flag (lol)in order to drive though, blasting bhangra, etc, when at least 1/5 of the country is so badly affected by the effin' floods.... is that what we're representing to the rest of the world? People too stupid to empathize with their own nation? I mean I don't know what the celebrations were like in Pakistan... but surely other nationalities on Gerard Street that night(ones knowledgeable enough to know about what’s going on in that part of the world) were like 'wtf?!'

    We did see a small tent trying to collect donations but it was being blocked off by flag-caped cheapos. They were entertaining, for sure...but there was a sadness to the stupidity of the situation.

    But wtf am I doing about it, *sigh* these are the times I wish I had made more brown friends in uni. We could get together and organize something... I dunno maybe I can do a charity art print thing... ?

    TO DO:
    1)Make more brown friends

    2)Sell them art

    3)Send proceeds to the motherland and
    hope it’s actually going to the needy