Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mango Flavoured Eye-Candy

Sooooooooooo even this bloody video took over a year to make... all three and a half minutes of it. Lol. My biggest issue is not knowing how to do all this tech/editing stuff myself. But it got done eventually. Someone was nice enough to find time for me and my cause... thank you! xx

so first i had a problem finding someone to do the voice over, i'd do it myself, but I didnt want anything even remotely noth-american sounding. And I tried to fake another accent, it sounded retarded. I tried to find an authentic Pakistani accent (so much harder to do outside of Pakistan), but none of the ppl I asked had 'time' or they just didn't think it'd be good for their voice to be associated with the project. Jeez, every step of the way i tell ya. Then i got random members of my family to try and fake a Pakistani accent, and they all sounded so silly. Some of them sounded like "apu" from the bloody Simpsons. And if you're even half brown, you'll know that brown people don't sound like that. Sorry if you're reading this... but cummmonnn... you know it wasn't any good :/

Eventually we found a voice over. Not a desi accent, but not a north american one either....

The other issue was that i tried to get a non-Pakistani friend of mine to do the editing. Lol, he didnt get half of what was going on... especially the mirch, masala drawings. He was like, "I know for a fact you can draw better than this" ...he just didnt understand the significance of all the cheapo elements i guess. And fair enough...Then finally I found a fellow Pakistani to take care of it.... and it got done. Ta daa! Of course, it could be tweaked here and there... and changed a bit.. but i figured it was best to just get it out there rather than obsess...n'est-ce pas?

Plus everywhere I looked had a different fuckin number for the population of Pakistan. So I just went with the highest one.


  1. Faq! It gets cut off.... *facepalm* ok I don't know how to fix that... you're better off watching it on youtube. Argh.

  2. Is that you narrating? I can't tell where that accent is from.

  3. Dang! Just read the thing again. So it's not you. Still cant tell where the accent is from. It's probably someone from the UK. The accents from Pakistan are such a blur right now. Heck I don't even remember how I sounded when I first came here 2 years ago.