Saturday, July 3, 2010

WARNING: Viewing this Post Might Make you Gay!

During my younger *lament*, more rebellious days you would often find me at one of the various haunts 'allocated' to the Gothic subculture of Toronto...mingling with the children of the night…exploring my deepest, darkest dreams…and throughout those travels I came to know professional dominatrixes, cross dressers, swingers and all sorts of people with alternative lifestyles. I certainly don’t judge them; in fact, I think they add value to my life. Because from these not-so-mainstream lifestyles we learn so much, we learn to play and we learn to tolerate.

Tolerance is obviously something Pakistan needs more of. I can't say that enough. Perhaps the lack of patience with anything that's different is a result of the whole frickin' nation being repressed?

Time for a story, I think.

Once upon a time, Pakistan used to be a part of India. The same India that’s home to the Kama Sutra. Thats right. We parted ways and religion has dictated most of our country’s culture ever since…


God, I hope not. There is so much more to us than that.

We can’t run away from the fact that people around the world still compare the two countries. To the untrained eye, we’re essentially seen as the same people. Yet, on the surface vast amounts of differences appear. India has bars and clubs, we don’t. India has Bollywood, we have Lollywood (but that’s considered a place where girls from ‘good families’ would never venture for a career). India even has ‘hot’ models like Aishwaria Rai entering mainstream international media. These beautiful women of India represent some notion of sexuality to the rest of the world. They're what epitomizes a mystic eastern beauty, we just aren't in that picture. Henna and other body adornment from the subcontinent is all attributed to India (esp. in the West - Thanks Madonna :/ ). Sure, they might have had it first – but that’s because we didn’t exist as a country back then. Last year, India even decriminalized homosexuality!

The point I’m trying to make is, in the rest of the world, nobody has a clue what Pakistani sexuality involves…we’re drowned out and categorized with India most of the time. I have nothing against the country, it's where my forefathers were from. But I'd like some recognition for Pakistanis other than what comes with terrorism.

You know what, our women are beautiful too and not all brown girls are 'Indian' *sigh*. Our men are tall, dark and handsome…(sometimes :P) But no one knows. Our gay community needs a voice, it shouldn’t have to live in fear. Our children need a solid sex education. Our pedophiles need to be identified rather than being brushed under the carpet. Our rape victims need to know its ok to speak up. Pakistan is a sexual nation (that's only human). We have a whole spectrum of sexuality waiting to be explored, young, confused teenagers that want answers, parents that need to provide answers, sex offenders that need to be exposed.

Jesus, I think we've waited long enough.


Repression, repression, repression - such an ugly word. Toronto is far from repressed this weekend with pride activities in full swing. Funny side story;
I came accross this magazine while waiting for the subway, thought it'd be hillarious to casually place it on my husband's bedside table. LMAO! The scream of anguish that came from the room that evening was well worth the wait. My husband is a really,really liberal guy - you won't often come accross a (Pakistani) male as open minded and comfortable in his own skin as him. It's what I fell in love with. In fact, each year he comes to the pride parade too, but lol, I don't think he'll ever be ready for pictures such as this, and that's prolly for the best. HahAHAah.

I gotta admit, this magazine cover kind of made me cringe as well...obviously, it wasn't targeted towards me - straight women and gay men do not find the same kinds of images sexy.

But I bet if there are any straight men reading this post, they're cursing me for exposing them to this image. LOL. I told you, tolerance is key. Relax, looking at this picture doesn't make you any gayer than you already are :P I didn't love it myself, but it didn't piss me off.

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  1. Pakistan is a state and has no organic "nation" components.Islam is a religion,its not culture.
    Desert Bloc religions esp two of them Xianity&Islam hav an iconoclastic component to them,which sort of shame them of their continuity(pagan past).You can see in most pakistani forums that they are want to be associated with Arabs who treats Pakistanis with the same racial disdain as Indians and other Asians.
    (ref:Dubai caste system:1st tier:Native Arabs 2)White Europeans 3rd tier:Asians-India,Pakistanis,Indonesians&Filipinos)
    Of course,with the Shia-phobia peddled by Wahabis now they dont want any associations with Persians too.
    This disruption of cultural continuum is cause of fanaticism.
    Checkout this excellent dissection by Ammar Rashid,a LUMS alumnus