Saturday, July 17, 2010

They'll Fuck Anything with a Pulse

This video from The New York Times left me feeling quite surprised...I cannot believe they make this stuff there, LMAO!! Go Karachi!


Fahad, Male, 24

Yes…It’s obviously repressed sexually....(laughs)…
Sex is not only a taboo subject in Pakistan, it’s pretty much forbidden unless you’re married. And even when you’re married, the majority of Pakistani’s don’t even like admitting that their children were created from a sexual act. Sex isn’t just considered bad – it’s considered disgusting.


Sultan, Male, 19

No, as a nation I don’t think Pakistan is sexually repressed because....people probably have more sex in Pakistan than anywhere else in the because there is nothing much to do over there.....and just because people aren't open about their sex lives doesn't mean that Pakistan as a nation is sexually repressed.....However, I do understand that sex is a taboo in our society......but the masses that live in the shanty towns are the exact opposite of sexually repressed....they'll pretty much fuck anything that has a pulse....and we must not forget that prostitutes ease the sexual repression in our society.....if it wasn't for prostitutes I would say that Pakistan is a sexually repressed nation....which it would be....but since prostitution is so common and affiliation with prostitutes is our cultural inheritance....the repression is balanced and evened out


Khizer, Male, 26

I don’t think we are sexually repressed as a nation at all. Sexually repressed would be if we weren’t having sex, but I think Pakistanis are having just as much sex as anyone else.

When I asked him if we perhaps didn’t talk about it as much, he replied,

We talk about it, we’re talking about it right now. To give you an example of people talking about it, at my university, I was invited to an orgy – and openly too! This one girl came up to me, this was when I had just met my first girlfriend and everyone kind of found out about it – so the girl came up to me and said, ‘I heard you’re going out with so-and-so (I was 17 when I had my first official girlfriend) – why don’t you come hang out with us sometime – it’s a couple’s only thing because we kind of like to meet each others significant others, we hang out with each other and we get to do things with each other.. We have physical contact with each other – At this point I was wigged out, I was like are you fucking serious? I mean coming from a typical Pakistani girl who’s covered up all the time and wears shalwar kameez all the time…


Imad, Male, 25

We are sexually repressed as a nation. It’s primarily religious, everyone knows that. It’s sort of an unhealthy atmosphere because you’re telling people not to do something that’s very much a part of human existence. So the more you repress it, the crazier it will be.


Qasim, Male, 26

Yes. It's… again because its one of those things... because of it not being discussed ... its something that you don’t really get to express yourself in a sexual way.... as a nation’re having sex as a married couple for the sake of having kids... its not something you can express yourself with. I don’t know of any brown dad that’s had the 'sex talk' with their sons. Brown moms have the talk with their daughter just before they get married.... that’s about it.


Ali, Male, 29

I think we’re repressed…because of the mullaism in our country...


Once again, a running theme is the fact that religion and sexual repression go hand in hand. That definitely seems to be the basic understanding. Khizer and Sultan have a different point of view from the rest of the group. Khizer’s encounter with the girl who invited him to an orgy has greatly influenced his opinion on the matter. I’ve heard of these orgies in Pakistan, apparently they were more common in the
80’s. A co-worker in Karachi once told me how he was terrified that he had accidentally stumbled upon one of these parties…I can’t even imagine (nor do I want to) what a room full of naked Pakistanis in different sexual positions would look like…where are these parties and where‘s this swinging subculture? How come we don’t hear more about it… and how have they managed to keep it so underground in a society where everyone keeps an eye on everyone else’s business…

In a way, Khizer’s opinion relates to what Johan (the non-Pakistani from earlier)had to say when he claimed that perhaps some people are willing to be more radical and resist complacency.

Sultan seems very passionate about clearing Pakistan’s name in terms of sexual repression. He differentiates sexual repression from the topic being a taboo within that society, which is an interesting perspective. I mean, he has a point…just because people like to keep it private… that doesn’t mean they’re not exploring their wildest fantasies in the privacy of their own homes. He’s quick to point out that in his opinion the poverty-stricken masses will ‘fuck anything with a pulse’ – which is a severely disturbing image, but perhaps that’s what we need to hear. He also makes a connection with our culture and prostitution…to the extent of calling it a cultural inheritance. He’s referring to the times when high class 'tawaifs' would perform perfectly choreographed mujrahs (dances) for a select group of polished gentlemen…not the lewd pelvic thrusts we see in Pakistan’s modern-day flesh bazaars.

Protitutes….tawaifs…were once an exemplary source of manners, education and literature - comparable to Japan’s geishas…but all that’s gone now. Still, like Sultan says – prostitutes are a major source of sex for the masses of Pakistan…he goes as far as attributing Pakistan’s lack of sexual repression to prostitutes. Lol, they sure have a big burden on their shoulders (crotches). They’ve got to constantly quench the sexual appetite of an entire nation.

I don’t know how accurate that observation is. I know prostitution plays a big role…but just how big? Sultan’s guess is as good as mine.

As we plough onwards we come to see that Imad’s comment is very similar to James’(see previous post, 'We Make Food Spicy...') since he too links the sex drive to a healthy human being.

"It’s sort of an unhealthy atmosphere because you’re telling people not to do something that’s very much a part of human existence."

It’s like George Michael once said,

Sex is natural…sex is fun…

I remember being completely scandalized when I heard that song as a child. How they allowed it into Saudi Arabia is beyond me. But it’s pure controversy (especially for its time) and that’s brilliant! I’ve always been drawn to things that shake it up a bit. George Michael aside, the question that lingers is, is Pakistan a sexually repressed nation or not? Most people tend to lean towards the fact that it undoubtedly is. There are the occasional few that disagree but there are exceptions to everything. You can always interpret information in any way you like, so providing a concrete answer is difficult…but let’s just say YES anyway.

Feel free to disagree, in writing ;)


  1. I love this video. This same business was featured in another documentary I saw a while back. It's pretty odd that these guys would openly give interviews - to Western journos at least. The wonders of MQM protection.

    On the question of whether Pakistan is repressed sexually or not, a good litmus test, always, is the norms, values and virtues of a society. In Pakistan's case, I am pretty sure that conversation surrounding sexual topics are taboo in 'polite' society. All the shrouded sexual activity will carry on, you can't stop human beings from having sex. Still, sexual activity in Pakistan is probably nowhere as rampant as that in non-Islamic countries. I know that the religious restrictions are a strong deterrent for many, especially girls. A weird double-standard has also evolved where men are a lot less stigmatized if discovered engaging in sex. As far as my experience is concerned, I have also found common the rationale, amongst those males that have sex, that it is alright to have sex with 'aawara larkiyan' since they are probably sexually active anyways. If the girl in question didn't have sex before you were able to convince her in to it, she was still always aawara. In my opinion, it is a confused attempt at reconciling religious and societal values with the natural, teen, male horniness

    Those who have reasoned that we are not sexually repressed because they have witnessed a lot of sexual activity. I think the context of their views is important. They belong to a certain socio-economic strata which, in Pakistan, is a very small minority. Moreover, how much sexual activity indicates sexual freedom? To be able to make a declarative statement on Pakistani sexual freedom, one might need to have a basis for comparison, i.e., the experience of having lived in Pakistan and another country.

  2. MQM Protection! I never even thought of that... and here I was thinking, how the frig are these guys comfortable showing their faces. But that theory makes a lot of sense...

    And yes, the interviewees do belong to a very specific part of Pakistani society, one that experiences things differently than most of the country.

    But even through conversations with servants and stories about people in the smaller villages, you do hear about pre-marital/extra-marital sex in haystacks, etc.... it's actually not as unheard of as I once would've thought... but then again, the theory of 'she was a skank to begin with/ awaara larki' is often applied. That double standard is one of the most upsetting parts of Pakistani sexual repression. That is not to say, it doesn't exist in other countries - I've seen plenty of it here in the West too...

  3. as a disclaimer, i really enjoyed your blog, love the name and the banner.

    but i am not sure how there is a debate to be had here...

    firstly, having a lot of sex is not an indication of sexual freedoms. everyone goes on about how sex is natural, but when there isn't a non-offensive term for it in your society, it does mean that people find it too volatile to even address without the use of curse words or innuendo.

    secondly, the sheer terror with which our society approaches the whole business of male-female interaction is also an indicator of how much people wish to avoid any possibility of sex.

    thirdly, most of our dictates regarding sex seek to 'contain' women. in contrast, men are granted wanton freedom, but often little access to women outside of those who sell their bodies. once again, this can not be understood as anything but a society with an unclear approach towards sex. i know there will be those harping on about decency and morality, but consider the fact that until not so long ago, societies obsessed with purdah etc would marry off people at extremely young ages - ie when they hit puberty. right or wrong, it acknowledged the power of the sexual drive, where nowadays, in pakistan, no one can have a conversation about it.

    fourthly, sex is not something which people can only do with their bodies - it requires emotions and feelings too. understanding emotions and feelings usually requires frankness and openness. not having a conversation about it leads a lot of people to be unsure about how to approach it in a context which doesn't involve them thinking its a sin or something dirty.

    fifthly (i didn't mean to do this number business, but once i started i couldn't stop) this whole "poor people fuck anything that moves" is a bit of a stretch. it seems to imply that they have none of the 'values' which prevent the rest of us from plummeting to our animal desires. yes poor people have a lot of kids, but that doesn't mean they are all fucking one another. its a very crass stereotype.

    lastly, we've all heard about these amazing 'orgies.' but i've never met anyone who has been involved in them. or even seen one. in fact, getting several pakistani women to compete for mens' attention while naked is not something one can keep quiet easily. and pakistani men brag about masturbating for god's sake, so they would love to shout about an orgy from the roofs.

    i don't mean to imply that these points are refuting things you said. its just my reaction to the whole thing. i don't think pakistan is the only place in the world where people approach sex in an unhealthy way. however, it is the one place where i feel i am qualified to talk about.

    if you're still not convinced, google desi baba + incest

  4. Valid points Karachikhatmal - it's not me debating whether Pakistan is sexually repressed or not, but to fairly represent the views of my participants, I kinda had to put some thought into the flipside as well.

    Secondly, ;) The whole 'poor people will fuck anything with a pulse' is not my opinion, those are words from an interview....of course, they stood out to me, hence my title. I think there is a bit of a debate to be had there, as I know people on both sides of that coin...I agree with you though, its a very generalized statement and indeed a crass stereotype.

    Thirdly, (this number thing is definitely hard to stop once u've started) are you telling me that the orgies are just a myth? *sob* Nooooo I mean, I thought there was this crazy sexual underground world in Pakistan....don't tell me its not real... Granted, we've all heard of them, and not seen them.... but I have heard first person encounters - surely they can't all be lying...?

    Lastly, I'm thrilled ur enjoying the blog and dont want to burn me at the stake :D

    I will definitely go google the disturbing combination of words u just told me to - lol, good timing too, as I've been doing a lot of strange googling myself for my next blog post, Stay tuned!

  5. i'm still wondering why pakistani's are interested in pig and donkey sex!!??
    and i know for a fact google is not broken... my bro in law (40 yr old father of three), he's not educated and comes from an extremely conservative background, yet his apple tv shows that he has searched for 'animal sex', 'sexy video' and more... didn't want to see the 'more' so i dont know what it could be...
    on a different note, u lived in saudi, i knew it! i still live here!

  6. A Pakistani from Saudi eh? Haha Awesome!! Oh and thanks for sharing the experiences you've had with friends and family (it always adds so much interest to the conversation).... im sure there are so many people out there that have somehow come across the same thing, in some way or another, ie, their relative enjoys watching animals get it on *shudder* ...You know Falaxy, i really don't know what it could be.... what makes desis such pervs? Perhaps living in a mainly segregated society... you learn to make do with whatever you have available?!! So, if you grew up expierimenting with farm animals, you're likely to be turned on by it even as an adult with easy access to sex.

    And btw, you said;

    "u lived in saudi, i knew it! "

    lol, im curious to know what made you think I too had lived in the land of the sand?

  7. haha, i really don't know what made me say that!
    random psychic moment? lol
    and i do agree with the making do with what you have waala bit. all that sexual energy needs an outlet, be it your cousin, khala or the neighbor's goat!
    my brother in law, however, has a wife he can do it with anytime, he has no excuse!

  8. The way Pakistan is imagined abroad and the way it really is - are very different things. We would not have 180 million people - if sex was not important. What is shown in our TV channels and what is written in our newspapers is rubbish. Newspapers are not allowed to publish anything sexually provocative and explicit. An absolutely fake image of Pakistan is being given. We have Heera Mandi and we have brothels everywhere. It is time the correct image of Pakistan be shown - exotic and erotic.

  9. I agree Malik - Pakistan is very inaccurately portrayed...which is one of the reasons i started this blog. However, I'd like to point out that over population isn't really a good indicator of how important sex actually is in our society. First off, the 'importance' is a bit lopsided, and more often than not, its just something men do to women.

    We do have heera mandi and brothels, but it still doesnt change that sex and sexuality are so muted in our everyday lives. There are definitely elements of the erotic and exotic in Pakistani sexuality as it is atm, but we can't deny that repression, misinformation and exploitation are issues that overshadow almost everything else.

    Of course, we have sex.. and we breed... we are animals... and we can't be stopped... but its our hypocritical and ignorant attitudes that must change.

  10. A saudi applies for u.s.a. visa. He's called for an interview at consular office:
    Officer : Sex
    saudi guy: 7/8 times weekly sometimes twice daily.
    Officer: No no I mean Male or Female
    Saudi guy: Both. If Female no available then male
    Officer: Holy Cow
    saudi guy: No no no cow here sometimes camel or goat