Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sex, Pakistan and the Internet

One day I decided to do the obvious… ‘Google’ Pakistani sexuality.

Why it took me so long to think of that, I do not know… usually that’s my main source of information - for everything. I guess it never occurred to me, because making that connection between my country and sex is so bizarre anyway…that making a further connection between sex, Pakistan and the internet was even more far-fetched.

Here's some of what I found, keep in mind this was googled, cut, pasted and written a few years ago - so of course the link to the blog no longer works :/... and the information on google trends I go on about has changed in some ways too. Fack!

However, I thought it was too fun to leave out. So for this post..... take yourself back in a not-so-wondrous place...long, long ago...a place known as
"2006"...where blogs were relatively new-ish-er and Musharraf was still runnin' the place...


(Note: Irrelevant material was cut out from the blogs…but if you want to see the whole thing, go to this link

Google Trends - Sex and Pakistan.

I came across this link

(what you see when you click on that link now is definitely not what they're describing here, I know :P)

on one of the forums I go to; apparently Pakistan is the top most country which searches for the term "sex". Seven out of top ten countries are Muslim countries. Quite interesting. What say you? Innocent 'bholay bhalay' people who don't know dozens of other sophisticated sex related terms and search for a single query while rest of the world goes for specific terms? Or is it just plain frustration for the glimpse of bare skin.

posted by JonyBr at 1:21 AM on May 12, 2006


Heh, that's not a shocker.

Posted by: Mufasa at May 12, 2006 02:42 AM


JonyBr, looks like you are right; the lack of knowledge about more specific sex terms ( Cunnilingus , Fellatio ) made us top the list :)

By the way, the Google disclaimer @ the end of the page makes the accurateness of the results volatile though!

Google Trends aims to provide insights into broad search patterns. It is based upon just a portion of our searches, and several approximations are used when computing your results. Please keep this in mind when using it.

Posted by: Mansoor 'Manny' Siddiqui at May 12, 2006 08:03 AM


This isn't necessarily something "bad." With the near complete absence of proper education (in Muslim countries, which are our concern at the moment) on one of the most important aspects of human life, it is no wonder that people turn to the Internet for education.
Yes, I know, not just for education... but a lack of normality leads to this behavior.

Posted by: Ramla A. at May 12, 2006 10:07 AM


I checked the term "Child Sex" and Pakistan is on the top of the lists In all regions, this is actually very sad and indicates a need to build awareness among the people for detection, prevention, and handling such victims and to move against the criminals.

Posted by: Jay the big J (Jamash) at May 12, 2006 03:15 PM


interestingly in Pakistani cities, Quetta is at the top and guess wht Khi is at 10th :)

Posted by: mohsin at May 12, 2006 04:38 PM


… the internet users are only 7,500,000, according to latest data. So they "do not" show the general trend of our Pakistani society. In fact, they represent our so called educated, enlighten class...

Posted by: MB at May 12, 2006 04:43 PM


If Pakistan is ranked top in searching for 'sex' I think that most internet users were actually looking for some pornographic content.
I think that the trends do not consider the total population of the country and only refer to the number of SEARCHES made. So think like this.. the number of internet users in India are more than six times the number of internet users in Pakistan. Still, Pakistan is at no. 1 and India is at 5. What it means is that a HIGHER PERCENTAGE of internet users in Pakistan are using it or should I say abusing the internet for filthy deeds.

MB you might like to twist some facts but face it dude, that our nation is sex-craved :/

Please also consider the population growth rate. So many people have nothing better to do than go around mating.

Pakistan is in top three in the following keywords and they are definately not for education purposes.
Sexy girl
sexy video (lol)

Posted by: IllusionFS at May 12, 2006 11:44 PM


We Paki people may be searching for Sex related things, but, but, but it's not the nation. It's just "WE" the educated ones so please don't apply it to all Pakistani's.

Posted by: MB at May 13, 2006 03:36 PM


No doubt, an interesting service from google. But...
Recently I came across this gif image on the internet, showing the results of numerous searches (such as donkey sex, dog sex, baby sex etc), and in all the results Pakistan was shown on top (along with India and some other Muslim countries). After independently verifying this, I was surprised to see this was indeed the case.

But after experimenting a bit more with this new service I found there was something amiss about this new service from Google.
First off in all the searches Pakistan’s bar was way bigger than the one in second place, and I find it quite unusual for that to be the case. In all my years living here I’ve never noticed any unnatural tendencies of anybody towards the sexual habits of an animal of any type..

Posted by: HSAR at May 15, 2006 11:34 PM


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Posted by: Checkmate at May 30, 2006 02:35 PM


So suffice to say, different people from different countries search for different stuff. Since in pakistan, we cover everything in the blanket term of sex (being novice users maybe?) the results are high. But try trending for more specific sexual topics (gay, lesbian, etc) and you'll find really different results. Maybe because most of the western public are not novices atleast when it comes to the language.

Posted by: mansoor at May 31, 2006 01:26 PM


In the very beginning they establish the fact that Pakistan is the number 1 country searching for sex on the internet. I bet that’s not a record our forefathers wanted us to hold. Although it’s pretty clear that Google Trends is not pure fact…it’s still an incredibly fascinating discovery. The first blogger is quick to point to two possible reasons – one being a lack of knowledge and the other just plain horniness. It could be either or a combination of both. In defense of Pakistan, someone steps in to say it could possibly be because of education. And like all the other bloggers… I too highly doubt that.

Pakistan also turns out to be on top of the list of countries that are searching for the term ‘child sex’. That’s incredibly surprising to me…I knew we had a problem with pedophiles, but I didn’t think it was that bad. Like I said before, Google Trends isn’t meant to be treated as pure fact…so I’ll chalk that one up to inaccuracy. (On their 'About Google Trends' page, Google says: The data Trends produces may contain inaccuracies for a number of reasons, including data-sampling issues and a variety of approximations that are used to compute results. We hope you find this service interesting and entertaining, but you probably wouldn’t want to write your Ph.D. dissertation based on the information provided by Trends.) Also – as pointed out in the above dialogue, the amount of internet users include a very small percentage of the population – so we can’t really say that everyone’s a perv!

But wait, what about the guy who tells us about Pakistan being number one for things like donkey sex, dog sex and baby sex….Oh lord, that can’t be true…but in the back of my head…I’m reminded of words that I heard from one of my participants not too long ago, ‘they’ll fuck anything with a pulse…’ I shudder…

Since these bloggers’ trend results are from 2006…I decided to see if Google Trends would offer a similar picture at the end of 2007.

Well, the first thing I typed in was ‘sex’… and I was surprised to learn that we didn’t make it on the top ten list. Strange. I thought we’d be on there somewhere… but I suppose the information keeps changing. I continued…I typed in ‘donkey sex’ – lo and behold…we’re the number one country…I kept going….we were number one for dog sex…and child sex as well. Perhaps Google was malfunctioning and Pakistan was stuck as number one for everything I typed….. I proceeded to check if this was the case by typing unlikely things…like pig sex (I hadn’t even heard of that) but guess what we were number one yet again. OK, I thought…Google’s definitely broken – but just to be sure I typed in peacock sex…and that didn’t show me any results…I guess it was too crazy….then I typed in things like oral sex, gay sex… and the lists made sense… so I assumed that Google wasn’t broken after all. It’s a weird thing this trend search…try it for yourself…It really makes you think…

US conspiracy to bad mouth Pakistan? I think not, they have better ways to make us look bad. The terrorists are taking care of that. Thanks assholes.

The phrase ‘…anything with a pulse…’ still lingers somewhere in the back of my head…

(I just checked pig, dog and donkey sex again - we're still number one in 2010 even...WTF...?)

My countrymen are quick to provide comic relief. My favourite blogger in this thread of conversation is ‘Shehreyar’…he represents the classic desi guy invading any form of cyber discussion or community to try and ‘make a friendship’. I laugh when I see his words…”anyone wanna friendship me?” It’s just so reminiscent of a particular type of guy…I’ve seen him, If you’re a Pakistani woman you’ve seen him too…eww. He’s the greasy haired perv that’ll grab your ass in broad day light as he walks past you in a crowded bazaar.

In real life, he's fuckin' creepy, but online he can’t touch you and you can see his desperation…Poor guy, he just wants to get laid ever so bad…he’s probably in some dingy internet café jerking off to this discussion about sex… hoping that he’ll find someone to talk dirty to online. He just throws it out there…he’s looking for a call girl…or any girl really…poor Shehreyar. I feel sorry for him, but then again, he’s one of them ass-grabbers. So fuck him. At least he was good for a laugh.

Apart from this discussion about our nation’s sexual habits, I came across a couple of boring ‘clinical’ reports about overpopulation and contraception. There were several articles about Pakistani homosexuals, a same sex couple, servant boys being sexually abused by their employers – it’s a lot more information than I initially thought. It seems that issues surrounding our sexuality are trickling slowly into the public sphere.

I tell you there’s one massive closet somewhere in Pakistan, filled with all sorts of sexual ‘deviants’…the day that closet door breaks open is not far.


  1. Hey. One of the bloggers I read also wrote about the same topic, some time back.

    Much more recently, Fox News featured an article claiming that Pakistan was no.1 in sex related searches (which they gathered from looking at google trends) and even bothered to coin the term Pornistan. That article was very well covered in the press, especially by the Indian media.

  2. Wow Pornistan! I guess Fox news has a certain 'lack of credibility' to live up to - they do that well.

    But this thread is awesome. That Shehreyar dude is just classic! He sounds like he's so horny he could piss in his pants or spontaneously com-bust LOL!! I mean no rational thinking being would make such a public display of their almost 'crippling' horniness in the most inappropriate of places - so hilarious!! But he certainly does conjure the image of that ass-grabbing perve that every Pakistan girl has dealt with at some point or another.

    More importantly though it is SERIOUSLY disturbing that Pakistan was number one for all kinds of animal-sex and child sex searches :S ! And if that's a representation of our literate 'elite' - what the hell must the rest of Pakistan get up to??? Oh and nice touch with the search on peacock sex! Lmao! Very creative...

    On a side note: I really love your 'google' illustration!!

  3. Darn it, my first thought is, i wish i had posted this article when i actually wrote it, then i'd be writing it before or at the same time as the other people that have recently written about it (i read yet another article on the same topic too). But oh well... the internet is a place where everyone writes about everything. Thanks for the link Mackers, I think the writer is actually referring to the same thread of conversation too... which is pretty cool. Haha i also like how this writer puts in that India is number one for Erectile Dysfunction searches. LMAO. Cuz you know someone from India was soon gonna say we're sick fucks and all that. THat shut em up.

    We are sick fucks, its true... but who isnt. And no one can really treat Google trends as pure fact ('cept good ol' fox news, of course). I heard about that article, lol - and they never fail to surprise me by the level of their retardedness. Lets just leave it at that.

    @Zobia: Firstly, Woot! Another interviewee reading the blog - hallelujah! I'm sure others will be interested to hear ur views. Lol, i'm glad u appreciated the peacock sex, I was trying to see if the whole 'regional' link had any influence on google trends.

    All i'm sayin is, if anyone was to look at the search history on my computer, they'd think i was seriously, seriously disturbed. I'd say it's for work, for my writing, but no one would believe me. I'm glad u liked the illustration :)
    Drawing lighthearted stuff on the blog is a welcome break from the more serious stuff I usually draw.

  4. Pakistan taking numero uno position for searching 'sex' is understandable thing but in "pig sex", I don't think so. Indeed we are a frustrated nation whose only existing source of entertainment is sex, sex and sex. Just wait for the statistics after these electricity outrages and you will find an increase in population. What they were doing during those hot, dark nights... lols.
    But on a serious note, Child sexual abuse is a matter of utmost importance. Being a psychologist and knowing the impacts of abuse on children; even through my work with street children who have been sexually assaulted, I simply freak out every time I read or hear about any such incident. Its' like ruining another life completely for ever. We definitely need to do something practical about it. I don't want to have or raise my kids in a place which is ranked NO 1 in child sex.

  5. @ Zobia: I think that the searches for all variety of animal-sex and child-sex aren't really representative of the literate elite. It's more likely that it is the people who have a poor knowledge of the English language that are responsible. Ppl that are literally smashing on their keyboards to find stuff on google. If a dude sitting in Chicha Watani wants to find porn on the internet, he will probably search for the only English term he knows that might lead him to that. After that he will start to combine that with other English terms he knows. People often know the English names of animals in Pakistan.That is probably why peacock-sex wasn't one of the searched terms - it's not as common. I think it probably is a source of amusement for some and curiosity for others.

    @ Eiynah: I am glad that India is no.1 for erectile dysfunction. I know the jokes I would have had to bare from my Indian friends, otherwise. Now, I have a solid comeback :P. Plus, they are not too far behind for animal and child-sex searches either. Oh, and many people visit Karachi Metblogs, so no surprise that you guys landed up on the same comments thread.